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PLUG Chain’s First Step on Global Adoption

Hong Kong, China—Plug Chain is an efficient public chain dedicated to resolving information and data interactions and now Plug Chain starts its step on global adoption. Via the cross-chain technology, Plug Chain does not only enable secure, seamless, and effective communication between the real world and blockchain, but also communicates with HECO, BSC, and POLKADOT open-chain smart contracts. When building real systems, Oracle Network Protocol’s distributed oracle service built on Plug Chain concentrates on the following factors: confidentiality, integrity, interoperability, scalability, and availability and reliability. The proxy system, supervision system,Read More

Electronic Merchant Systems Launches Thrift Store Payment Processing Solutions

The merchant service options for thrift stores will allow them to accept payments from customers in almost any form. For more information about Electronic Merchant Systems and point of sale solutions, please visit The recently updated credit card processing services are available for both counter-top terminals and wireless devices. The devices are all EMV-certified and NFC-ready, so they can accept chipped credit cards as well as payments through mobile devices using Apple Pay or Google Pay. All of the company’s point of sale systems accept gift cards and integrateRead More

Vegan All-In-One Haircare Solution – Natural Formula – PHamily Hair Care

A solution has been developed to heal and protect hair, operating as a leave-in conditioner, sealer, growth serum, damage repairer and hair strengthener. It is also designed to replace all other styling products and is a suitable replacement for both styling gels and blowout creams. More details can be found at This news coincides with the results of a recent survey by which revealed that women, on average, spend over $80 per month on haircare. Over the course of a lifetime, this adds up to an astonishingly highRead More

Medellin Colombia Medical Tourism Best Personal Concierge Consultations Launched

Health Bridge Medical SAS has launched a medical tourist brokering and concierge service for tourists looking to vacation and get medical treatment in Medellin, Colombia. The company offers consultations to help medical tourists benefit from Colombia’s state-of-the-art healthcare facilities and infrastructure. Health Bridge Medical is Colombia’s top medical tourism concierge for cosmetic regeneration, orthodontic procedures, and stem cell treatment and therapies, liaising between patients and medical practitioners. Its goal is to ensure patient satisfaction by connecting them with the most reputable and trusted doctors while on vacation. More information canRead More

AirPhysio Bronchiectasis Symptom Relief – Clear Lungs Breathing Device Launched

The recently launched AirPhysio device is made in Australia and has garnered international attention. It is a non-invasive breathing exerciser that uses Oscillating Positive Expiratory Pressure (OPEP) to remove excess mucus from the airway. For more details, please visit The new airway clearing lung expander can provide relief to those who suffer from bronchiectasis, a condition in which the bronchi become permanently damaged and widened. As a result, the lungs become inflamed and produce excess mucus, leading to frequent infections. Removing fluid from the lungs with the AirPhysio helpsRead More

Philadelphia PA Local Car Repair Shop Online Quote Comparison Services Launched

Many vehicle owners looking for a mechanic find the car repair industry difficult to navigate. Meanwhile, mechanics and auto repair shop owners also find it difficult to promote their services effectively and achieve visibility in today’s market. With the launch of the Auto Fix Buddy online repair shop comparison tool, vehicle owners can quickly find and compare garages in their area while repair shop owners can list their businesses for no-cost promotion. More information is available at Very few vehicle owners know how to fix their own cars. ManyRead More

Atlanta GA Uber/Lyft Accident – Vehicle Personal Injury Attorney Services Launch

Cambre & Associates introduces its strengthened suite of vehicle accident services to help more clients receive the help they need online. This is particularly important during this time when social gatherings are highly discouraged. More details can be found at The updated services feature heightened virtual communications between the law firm and its clients, where they are now updated on the status of their case either through phone or video call. This level of transparency is what differentiates Cambre & Associates from its competitors, and continues its mission ofRead More

Georgia Structured Family Caregiving Program – Paid Home Care Opportunity Launch

Under the expanded SFC program, dedicated home caregivers may be eligible for various types of assistance, including financial support, phone and email access to health coaches, and daily personalized care plans. More information about the program is available at The announcement of Health Force of Georgia’s new homecare support program is intended to help keep Georgia families together by offering financial and other kinds of assistance to those who want to take care of their loved ones. The SFC program is one of several Georgia waiver programs that helpRead More

Aliso Viejo CA Luxury Real Estate Properties For Sale/Home Buyer Service Launch

Following the expansion, a number of new Aliso Viejo properties are available to browse on the eXp website. These include a total of 95 options, with numerous open-house tours for those wanting to find out more. More information can be found at: As one of the largest states in the US, California provides expats and new residents with a wide range of choices when looking for a place to live. It’s known for its fine year-round weather, and following the latest expansion, Sam Zughni strives to make the relocationRead More

Miami FL Mobile Dog Groomers – VIP Service With Teeth Clean/Nail Trim Launched

Their newly announced gold wash includes the standard wash and grooming features as well as valuable extras like ear cleaning, nail trimming and teeth brushing. The groomers believe that this new option is the perfect choice for busy pet owners. More details can be found at The launch coincides with a recent report from Pet MD, which indicated that many owners do not bathe their dogs enough. Moreover, this report suggested that most pet owners simply don’t know enough about the right bathing products or procedures to correctly washRead More