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Cut It Short: A Visual Reconstruction of Shared Adolescence

Cut It Short is a stunning forthcoming photo-book by Polish photographers Michal Solarski and Tomasz Liboska that reconstructs memories of the teenage years they shared together in a small town in the south of Poland in the 1990s. Its title refers to an old tradition in Slavic cultures called ‘Postrzyzyny’ involving young boys having their hair cut for them in order to enter society, a coming of age of sorts. The book tells a universal, timeless story of adolescent friendship and discovery, and the journey from boyhood to adulthood. ItRead More

Never Pay Over-Inflated Prices for your Golf Gloves Again with 2Under Golf

Are you paying large amounts for premium golf gloves made by big corporations that only care about their profits? 2Under Golf is a brand that was created for golfers by golfers, and is seeking to provide an alternative; it is currently financing a set of high-quality, comparatively inexpensive gloves via the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. Its Cabretta leather golf gloves are expertly made using the best materials without the inflated prices that other gloves of a similar quality have associated with them. They are also delivered straight to your door, andRead More

Sergio Nicolas Roncancio Rodriguez Sergionicr: “Social networks changed my life”

This is Sergionicr, the Instagram artist Bogota, Colombia Sep 19, 2021 ( – Instagram stopped being a platform for cute photos to become a giant and global market where we can find everything: fashion, sales, phrases, memes and even porn. But today we are not going to talk about that, we are going to talk about art, a lot of art. Sergio (sergionicr) is a Colombian artist who began to take photos of silhouettes of animals and people on paper and then decorate them with any background that could getRead More

Guru Gaurav Arya : Famous Author of Many Spiritual Books in India

Spiritual author in India Indore, Madhya Pradesh Sep 14, 2021 ( – Guru Gaurav Arya is a famous author for spiritual books in India, Many spiritual organizations are following his book to improve Indian Culture and Sanatan Dharma as well. Who is Guru Gauarv Arya? Guru Gaurav Arya was born in 1993 in Bijnor Uttar Pradesh, India. He is an Indian Astrologer and Researcher. He Is practicing astrology since 2007. Now, After the completion of many cases, he is providing Astrological Services in the world. He is an Indian AstrologerRead More

New Crypto RIDE DeFi Preparing to Launch

This is your chance to be part of a crypto launch at the beginning. Check out Ride Defi Token. Seattle, Washington Sep 19, 2021 ( – Ride is a New DeFi token preparing to launch. It is created for all as an asset with a 5% reflection built in for holders. Overall Ride has a 10% transaction fee when sold to encourage holding but when Ride is sold 5% will be distributed to holders, 3% goes to liquidity and 2% will be a true burn to the burn wallet. RideRead More

New Book on the Leadership of the Islamic Prophet Muhammad Breaks New Ground

New Research Approach Produces New Findings Abu Zabi, United Arab Emirates Sep 19, 2021 ( – We might assume that there’s nothing more that we can learn or know about the Prophet Muhammad. His life has been chronicled in meticulous detail, and we certainly know far more about him than about any other founder of a world religion. Yet Professor Joel Hayward, an internationally reputed scholar based in Abu Dhabi, has tackled the leadership of the Prophet from an entirely new vantage point. As a consequence, he has arrived atRead More

What’s the NFT game Tencent & Alibaba Rush into?

In June 2021, Alibaba and Dunhuang Arts Institute jointly released two NFTs, Dunhuang Flying Sky and Nine Color Deer App skins, which were limited to 16,000 in the world. The works were looted as soon as they were released. On June 26, 2021, NetEase and Nervina Labs released their first NFT work on Taobao. On August 3, 2021, Chinese tech giant Tencent’s  NFTs trading platform -Huanhe launched 300 copies “Vinyl Record NFT” authorized by TV program “Thirteen Invitations”, and sold out instantly. Chinese giants’ capital is vying to chase, and it’sRead More

Blazer Barboza Attends the Late Night Show With Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy Fallon Speaks On Blazer Barboza Record Atlanta, Georgia Sep 19, 2021 ( – On September 19, 2021, Celebrity Blazer Barboza Attended the Late Night show advertising his new record titled ”Loyal to You’‘. His Official Music Video Gained Approximately 20 thousand views within a day on YouTube. The Late Night Show is known for having sit-downs with some of the greatest entrepreneurs and celebrities around the globe. The Public figure has also gained a total of 1 million followers on Instagram. Jimmy Fallon Complemented the record in a briefRead More

Manal Johnston Perfume Brand is one of most recognizable design signatures that defines her confidence and strength.

Super Star Rochester, New York Sep 18, 2021 ( – Super Star, one of the most recognizable design signatures has defined the most recognizable Saudi American perfumer, Manal Johnston. It flourishes in extreme conditions. Able to withstand a hurricane’s force, its natural strength compares to steel. Slender and elegant. A woman who wears Super Star perfumes balances strength and confidence with her innate femininity. She bends yet she does not break. Like a confident super Star Manal Johnston, she is full of vitality, she is adaptable, and she faces life’sRead More

Lumino Ceremony Uses A Combination Of Zero-Knowledge Proof And Blockchain To Solve The Limitations Of Privacy And Data Security

The loss of Internet data leakage is gradually increasing, and data privacy will be the key development focus of the industry. According to BM Security assessment, the average cost of global data leakage in 2018 was $3.86 million, which was 6.4% higher than that in 2017. In addition to that, the assessment also shows that large-scale data leakage is costly, with millions of records leakage possibly causing $40 million in losses, and 50 million records leakage may cause $350 million in losses. In this context, developing privacy encryption technology has become the focusRead More