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ExBot Limited introduces its BotTrade

Cambridge, England, 11th April 2021, ZEXPRWIRE – The global financial markets are currently experiencing a turnaround due to expert advisors’ introduction, e-learning or copy trading, and trading bots. In the past, placing a trade and monitoring traders’ transactions were overwhelming, especially to newbies who are yet to understand the dynamics of the market. Today, it has made things more accessible than before to copy expert traders’ trading strategies and gain from them. To further open up e-learning strategies to more traders, Exbot comes up with introducing its BotTrade. ExBot isRead More


KAKLAB is created for digital content and cultural market, aiming to achieve a fair, safe, high-performance, scalable and versatile blockchain infrastructure. KAKLAB will be realized in two stages: building a distributed file storage system KAK File, and creating an NFT asset protocol through smart contract. In the first stage, KAKLAB will realize permanent storage of digital content achieved by IPFS underlying protocol; in the second stage, KAKLAB will realize multiple NFT-related protocols, cross-chain transfer, DApp development, etc. achieved by smart contracts. KAK FILE is based on IPFS as the underlyingRead More

How CESWAP Became The Second Generation Decentralized Exchange

We all know that blockchain technology has only started since 2008 and has evolved into an entire industry. Many cryptocurrencies are entering the market at a rapid pace, and new blockchain technologies are emerging in the cryptocurrency scene to support the wider acceptance and application. Beyond that, most exchanges in the cryptocurrency are centralized, which has been the norm so far. Imagine the irony of cryptocurrencies talking about economic decentralization being traded and stored in centralized exchanges and wallets. Fortunately, this model is also changing, as many people in theRead More

Tattoo Artist Fabiano Nogarolli: Brazil’s new rising star

How a former Air Force corporal broke through into the world of tattooing.  Campo Largo, Brazil, 9th April 2021, ZEXPRWIRE – When you meet Fabiano for the first time, the immediate impression you get of him is that of your typical military guy: a solid physical build and with a sense of determination in his look. In truth, Fabiano Nogarolli, who is in his early thirties, born and raised in Curitiba, a city in the south of Brazil with almost 2 million inhabitants, has a sensitive side to him, makingRead More

“The Rise of Foreign Group: Falun Gong”: Deep Thoughts on the Rise of far-right Organizations

The documentary “The Rise of Foreign Groups: Falun Gong” has been released on various platforms after winning multiple international film awards. It deeply exposes the inside story of Falun Gong, an far-right organization with oriental mystery in the eyes of the uninformed. It also recorded in detail how it built a business empire in the country, entered the political field, and created a huge influence machine to spread far-right ideas, incite hatred, challenge the political order, and undermine national security. Absurd doctrines In the beginning, the film shows a Falun Gong practitionerRead More

Polygon (Matic) Announces Their Official Partnership With Graphlinq Protocol

Paris, 9th April, 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, POLYGON / MATIC  —  Graphlinq (GLQ) Partnership Polygon announced today on their twitter & telegram that they’re partnering up with Graphlinq on multiple grounds. Graphlinq will be utilising Polygon for Layer 2 solutions to save on huge gas fees and on the other hand will add support for Polygon on their IDE, Engine & Analytics platform. What is a layer 2 solution, and how will it help Graphlinq Protocol? Layer 2 is a collective term for solutions designed to help scale an application by handlingRead More

Southampton FC Extend Partnership Deal with Blockchain Leader The Coingaming Group

Southampton Football Club extended its partnership with blockchain advocate Coingaming Group for 3 years, with a record breaking sponsorship deal.  Tallinn, Estonia, 9th April, 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, — Southampton Football Club is pleased to announce that it has agreed to extend its partnership with the Coingaming Group as Main Club Partner for a further three years in a deal that will see their brand, Sportsbet continue as the club’s front-of-shirt sponsor. Bitcoin Bonuses  The deal is the biggest sponsorship agreement in the club’s history and also includes the option for theRead More Releases Whitepaper for Alternative All-Inclusive and Revenue-Sharing Social Media Platform

Delaware, United States, 9th April 2021, ZEXPRWIRE – Social media has reshaped the digital landscape, yet people worldwide feel more disconnected than ever. The big giants have all innovated successfully, but constant monetization efforts for the sake of corporate profit have done away with interpersonal connections, and have therefore transformed the user into the product.  Omni are taking this concept and making it a thing of the past by creating a true alternative to today’s social media platforms. Omni will introduce a holistic, user-focused ecosystem that rewards engagement and forgesRead More

YFX.COM – Our Protocols and Our Products Serve Users

YFX.COM is the world’s first decentralized cross-chain perpetual contract exchange. While other trading platforms that provide leverage alternatives exist, YFX.COM is trailblazing a decentralized alternative to centralized exchanges and perpetual futures trading without a central intermediary. YFX.COM does this by taking advantage of different protocols across the cryptocurrency landscape. Through a culmination of blockchain protocols YFX.COM is allowing traders to participate in trading BTC, ETH and other cryptocurrencies with up to 100x leverage. These crypto’s are available to be traded across these blockchains currently, Ethereum, Tron, Binance Smart Chain, Heco,Read More

Recording Artist Kid Quill Auctioning Lifetime Backstage Experience with NFT

Indianapolis, 8th April 2021, ZEXPRWIRE – In 2018, recording artist Kid Quill from Indianapolis, IN could be seen wearing a pair of Nike Air Force 1s every night for months on end. But these weren’t an average pair as they were camouflaged in signatures from thousands of fans from his first tour. Fast-forward to 2021, artists still aren’t performing due to COVID-19, but Quill is keeping his touring roots alive in spirit with his first NFT (non-fungible token). On Friday, April 9, a 3D model of those signed shoes willRead More