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PLUG Chain’s First Step on Global Adoption

Hong Kong, China—Plug Chain is an efficient public chain dedicated to resolving information and data interactions and now Plug Chain starts its step on global adoption. Via the cross-chain technology, Plug Chain does not only enable secure, seamless, and effective communication between the real world and blockchain, but also communicates with HECO, BSC, and POLKADOT open-chain smart contracts. When building real systems, Oracle Network Protocol’s distributed oracle service built on Plug Chain concentrates on the following factors: confidentiality, integrity, interoperability, scalability, and availability and reliability. The proxy system, supervision system,Read More

The Entrance of the Metaverse: IUT Makes the Future Imaginative

Increased 5G construction has seen the historic moment when the network bandwidth speed exceeded that of the local storage media reading and writing in science and technology. The cloud computing-based NFT game scene has shown the first application scene of great value in the 5G era, with low latency, high resolution, terminal crossing and cloud-network integration. It is generally believed in the industry that NFT games are the time gate leading to the next-generation mainstream computing platform on the Internet——Metaverse. If you travel through the gate, you will come toRead More

First IPFS application in Bi’an uses super-ecological flaming launch–Lucky Biance

IPFS distributed storage technology is being used in the world’s first super meta-universe DEFI ecosystem, powered by Biance. Three distinct communities were created simultaneously on October 15th, 2021: an English community, a Greater China community, and a Korean community. LBC Lucky Coin Lab came up with the concept of a Lucky BianceMeta Universe. Teams from IPFS, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and AR Intelligence make up LBC’s nuclear technology team, as do internationally recognized mathematicians, cryptographers, and economists from well-known R&D institutions like MIT and Harvard. As the first blockchain platform toRead More

Binance’s Malta,Hoo’s Dubai

October 17-20,” Future Blockchain Summit 2021” will be held in Dubai World Trade Center. The world’s top blockchain companies including IBM, Google, Binance, etc. will gather here to showcase the world’s most innovative blockchain achievements. As the gold sponsor of this conference, Hoo Global will also make a high-profile debut at the conference, and officially start a global layout with Dubai as the radiant point. It is understood that, in addition to Hoo Global, the head digital asset trading platforms such as Huobi and Binance have also laid out in Dubai, the “global blockchain center”. Dubai, whichRead More

Ninja Raiders League Draws Closer To Completion

N.Fans’ first and upcoming game, currently titled ‘Ninja Raiders League’, nears its completion as it undergoes a second round of beta testing. The game was announced in mid-to-late September and has since then seen two separate closed-beta sessions with over 1,300 combined participants. The second one, which started on October the 10th, was planned to test the rigidity of all the feedback gathered and implemented after the first beta round. With over a thousand feedback forms filled, the N.Fans development team ensured sufficient amounts of decentralization and quality control byRead More


 The only airline product of the “2021-2022 Global Airline Meal List-Best Airline Cultural and Creative Five-Star Award” will be revealed to the world. This airline product is the result of the innovative integration of real airplanes and airline drinks. It is reported that “the drink made in the airplane is amazing” is the comment of the organizing committee for this work. After examination, the organizing committee decided the work that won the global airline meal list-best airline cultural and creative five-star award is “MU&CUA Tea”. This work is the newRead More

Embrace MES and create an era of empire under the metaverse

MES (METAVERSE EMPIRE) is a virtual world game based on blockchain. It uses MES+MEF as the governance token of the entire game ecology to reward all game players and allow players to experience the leap in the history of human civilization in parallel time and space.  From farming tribes to war civilization, a new “metaverse empire” was opened. Play-to-earn will see the advanced path of encrypted games The total global game profit in 2020 exceeds 300 billion U.S. dollars, and the most popular blockchain metaverse game is undoubtedly Axie infinity.Read More

How To Play The Underlying Protocol Of The Metaverse? Lets Take A Look Of WoW Solution

The future has come, curtain of the Metaverse has opened In 1992, Neal Stephenson put forward the concepts of “Metaverse” and “Avatar” in his science fiction novel “Snow Crash.” The plot of the book takes place in the future setting of a real human living in a virtual space with a virtual human through a VR device. In 2003, the first phenomenal virtual world “Second Life” was launched. The explorers team said that it was not a game. “There were no conflicts to create and no artificially set goals”. PeopleRead More

IUS — an ecological chain based on the concept and realization of a meta-universe

IUS was created by the island universe foundation and blockchain wizard Maniel Larimer. IUS is an ecological chain based on the concept and realization of a meta-universe. IUS is mainly dedicated to ecological construction and ecological empowerment. The birth of IUS is entirely based on an empowering main chain coin based on the ecological construction of the meta universe. IUS empowers meta-universe applications including but not limited to Difi, Nft, VR, MR, AR, Internet of Things, 5G, Web3.0 and other applications. IUS is mainly used as a driving IUS ecologicalRead More

A King Of Wolves game aimed at building multiple DeFi ecology and landing games is coming online.

King Of Wolves is a NFT-based competitive social game supported by Absolute blockchain. The rich identities of police chiefs, wolves, ordinary villagers, prophets and detectives in the game are all NFT assets. Users have full ownership and can transfer and trade through blockchain networks at any time. Users can also package the roles and resources in the game as a whole as NFT for transfer or sale. The attribute upgrade of these roles requires AST Token, and their weapons are all based on NFT. Players must collect as many ASTRead More