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Cristian Bakern
Christian Bakern is 21 young writer and designer with strong passion. He usually hangs out in Twitter tweeting writing related links regularly and he is a best writer. Currently he contributes to Texas Times as a editor.
Rita Carvalio
Rita Carvalio lives in London, Finchley. She was born in sierra leone and moved over here at the age of 7. She graduated in creative writing and web design and she has been working on Texas Times as writer. She believe in doing every things with a smile.
Doug Hendriks

Doug Hendriks is the genius author. His writings have influenced many, he is a distinguished writer in the city of New York. He has also created three influential websites and his ability to generate creative ideas for marketing skills is commendable. Now he works in content marketing department .

Chunk Hemingson

Chunk Hemingson  was  born in Edinburgh, Scotland and studied at the University  of  Birmingham. He worked as a content writer in a digital marketing firm, during which he wrote number of articles. He is amazing human being. He is currently working on a websites as his passion.

Mario Ferrari

Mario Ferrari is a prolific writer, He is a seasoned writer. He has written many short-stories and poem for newspapers and magazines. He has a passion for creating new websites for online marketing. He has bachelor’s degree in M.C.A from New York. Mario Ferrari has won multiple awards for his excellent writing.