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Monday, February 12th, 2024



–News Direct– HIGHLIGHTS Sigma Lithium completed the certification process with BNDES, which included the filing of the final FEL3 Capex for Construction and Engineering of the Second Greentech Plant totaling R$ 492,4 million or approximately US$ 100 million The Letter of Intention by BNDES outlines its intention to extend the Company development bank debt financing ("Development Bank Debt") to fund the Second Greentech industrial lithium concentrate production plant ("Second Greentech Plant") at Vale do Jequitinhonha in Brazil. Sigma is also pleased to announce it was awarded a concomitant LP, LI,Read More

Benchmark International Successfully Facilitated the Transaction Between Kevco Builders, Inc. and a High-Net-Worth Individual

–News Direct– Benchmark International successfully facilitated the transaction between Kevco Builders, Inc. And A High-Net-Worth Individual. Benchmark International is pleased to announce the acquisition of Kevco Builders, Inc. And A High-Net-Worth Individual. Kevco Builders, Inc., a leading force in the custom home construction industry, is renowned for its enduring commitment to excellence and innovation. Established in 1980, the company has consistently raised the bar in crafting luxurious custom and estate homes, catering to the discerning tastes of the move-up buyer market. As an award-winning custom home builder, Kevco Builders hasRead More

EcoGen America Pushes for the Adoption of Clean Renewable Energy Nationwide

Established in 2016, EcoGen America stands as a pioneer in providing accessible clean energy solutions, enhanced by enticing rebates, flexible service plans, and budget-friendly installation options. Homeowners partnering with this solar energy equipment supplier not only experience the dependability of energy derived from advanced and efficient technology but also benefit from the expertise of top-rated installers, ensuring swift and efficient services. Emphasizing a long-term commitment, EcoGen America‘s overarching mission is to extend the advantages of solar energy to numerous homes across the nation. Elevating the standards in the industry, theRead More

EcoGen America: Empowering Communities with Unmatched Solar Solutions

EcoGen America, a renowned solar panel installation company established in 2016, is making renewable energy a reality for many communities by crafting creative solar energy solutions. Drawing on years of experience and a steadfast commitment to excellence and integrity, the team combines swift turnaround time and customer-centric service to deliver first-rate solar solutions. Specializing in a comprehensive range of solar energy services, EcoGen America emerges as the top choice for all solar energy needs. They provide expert home solar installation services, enabling homeowners to generate clean and renewable energy, alongRead More

ABQ Property Buyers Offers We Buy Houses For Cash Services in Albuquerque, NM

Albuquerque, NM: Selling a house through a real estate agency can take a while, usually around two months. Property owners are also expected to invest in repairing the property to attract the best offers, open the home for viewing, and pay realtors commissions. ABQ Property Buyers, a team of passionate real estate consultants, steps in to spare property owners from this hassle and the wait, buying the house for cash. The company extends a fair offer to homeowners searching for a trusted option to “buy my house” online, especially whenRead More

Universal Hearing Center: Pioneering Exceptional Hearing Care in Queens

Located in Queens, NY, Universal Hearing Center confronts the challenges of hearing loss, which can stem from health issues or age-related decline, affecting daily communication and overall life quality. The center stands out for its immediate, effective response to these auditory challenges. Universal Hearing Center is recognized for its state-of-the-art care and patient-first approach, providing a sanctuary for those facing hearing difficulties. Its team of expert audiologists, led by Dr. Artem Yusupov, offers customized hearing solutions grounded in scientific evidence and compassionate care. A satisfied client recounts, “My experience atRead More

Top Notch Glass and Doors Enhances Living Spaces with Quality Window Installation Services in Palm Springs, CA

Palm Springs, CA: Top Notch Glass and Doors offers reliable window installation services, helping to enhance the beauty and functionality of the property. As a trusted local business, the company has a deep understanding of the needs of households and businesses in Palm Springs, taking pride in delivering superior workmanship and exceptional services. Recognizing the unique architectural landscape and lifestyle considerations of the area, Top Notch Glass and Doors prioritizes a detailed assessment of client needs before initiating the Window installation service. This approach ensures that each project is tailoredRead More

Falkon Construction Leads the Way in Kitchen Remodeling in Coral Springs

Coral Springs, FL – Falkon Construction, a renowned name in home renovation, has been making waves in the kitchen remodeling industry. This family-owned business is redefining the standards of kitchen transformations in Coral Springs. Known for its precision, professionalism, and innovative designs, Falkon Construction is the go-to choice for homeowners seeking a remarkable kitchen remodeler. At the heart of Falkon Construction’s success is its unique approach to kitchen remodeling. Each project is a blend of functionality, aesthetics, and personalized attention, ensuring that every kitchen is visually stunning and perfectly tailoredRead More

Rhodes Security Systems – Cleveland’s Trusted Partner in Home Security Systems

Mentor, OH – From deterring unauthorized entry to restricted areas, monitoring employees in work settings, and averting disasters like fires, the necessity of a comprehensive security system is paramount in any setting. Rhodes Security Systems offers a diverse range of tailored Cleveland home security systems that cater to the dynamic needs of home and business owners in Mentor, OH, and neighboring regions. These solutions not only fortify residential and commercial spaces but also instill confidence in the face of potential threats, transforming safety into a seamless part of everyday life.Read More

Arete Pest Control Introduces Advanced Wildlife Removal in Dacula with Satisfaction Guarantee

Dacula, GA – Arete Pest Control, a pest control and wildlife management provider, has expanded its services to Dacula. The company now offers specialized wildlife removal services, ensuring humane and efficient handling of wild animals that may infiltrate homes and properties. Arete Pest Control’s wildlife removal services begin with a comprehensive evaluation by experienced wildlife specialists. This assessment identifies the property’s specific wildlife issues, including the types of animals and the extent of the infiltration. Based on this evaluation, the team implements humane removal and control measures, effectively addressing theRead More