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Revolon Breaks Web3 Gameplay Norms: AAA Level Gameplay Underway! (Powered by $RPM)

Cayman Islands, BOT, 22nd July 2024, ZEX PR WIRE, Adrenaline-fueled Racing Experience in Revolon! With state-of-the-art graphics and seamless gameplay, players can compete, climb leaderboards, complete quests, and dive into a vibrant marketplace for trading in-game items.  Revolon is a PC racing game, supporting both single and multiplayer modes.  The game is developed on the Arbitrum blockchain. Why Choose Revolon? Powered by Unreal Engine 5: Revolon’s vision is to create gameplay that meets AAA standards. Global Connectivity: A global platform connecting players worldwide through competitive and private races. Web3 Perks,Read More

EduChain: Revolutionizing Education Through Innovation and Accessibility

Introduction to EduChain: EduChain is at the forefront of revolutionizing the educational sector, introducing its advanced OTT system for secure, end-to-end knowledge sharing. By harnessing blockchain technology, EduChain ensures secure storage of intellectual property and enables knowledge contributors to profit from their expertise. Additionally, EduChain seamlessly connects experts with learners, bridging gaps between educational institutions and global learners. Mission and Vision: EduChain’s vision is to eliminate knowledge barriers by providing universal access to diverse, high-quality learning resources. The platform focuses on connecting learners with mentors, offering tailored guidance and supportRead More

SafetyXpress Partners with to Highlight Building and Construction Innovations

Today, SafetyXpress announces an exciting joint partnership with Australia’s renowned architectural platform,, aimed at showcasing the diversity of products and technologies within the building and construction industry. Introduction: In a strategic move to expand its reach and highlight its comprehensive range of offerings, SafetyXpress has teamed up with This collaboration aims to provide architects, builders, and industry professionals with direct access to innovative solutions that enhance safety and efficiency in construction projects. Body: Through the partnership, will feature a curated selection of SafetyXpress products on its platform,Read More

Ankit Shah: From an Ordinary Immigrant to Property Investment Expert at ASH Buyers Agency

Australia, 22nd July 2024, ZEX PR WIRE, Helping people invest their hard-earned money in real estate confidently, using data to eliminate fear. Every Australian citizen has the right to achieve financial freedom and abundance without working until retirement. At ASH Buyers Agency, practicing what is preached: prioritizing investors’ goals, risk profiles, and strategies to build strong property portfolios. Capital growth is prioritized in property investing. Founder and head strategist at ASH Buyers Agency. Belongs to an ordinary financially stable family, and with full family faith, in 2012 flew for theRead More

Nathan Heddleston Discusses Career Growth and Community Impact

Akron, Ohio, 22nd July 2024, ZEX PR WIRE, In an exclusive interview, Nathan Heddleston, Senior Manager  in Cleveland, Ohio, shares insights from his extensive career in transportation and parking management. Overseeing operations for high-profile clients such as University Hospitals and Case Western Reserve University, Nate’s professional journey is marked by a strong foundation in education and sports, which has shaped his approach to leadership and community involvement. Nathan’s early life in East Liverpool, Ohio, saw him participating in track and field, instilling values of discipline and perseverance. These experiences influencedRead More

Fuego Fino, Inc Expands Distribution with Licensing in Washington State

Tucson, Arizona, 22nd July 2024, ZEX PR WIRE, Fuego Fino, Inc., a rising star in the beverage industry, has announced a significant milestone in its strategic expansion plan by securing licensing to ship directly to the state of Washington. This move marks the company’s entry into its second cash-on-demand state, solidifying its commitment to broadening its market presence and enhancing accessibility to its premium products. Fuego Fino’s CEO, Jessica Contreras, has spearheaded the company’s growth with a clear vision of targeting states where the demand for high-quality alcoholic beverages is strongRead More

Vanport 1948 Vodka Secures Third Award at International Women’s Spirits Competition

Portland, Oregon, 22nd July 2024, ZEX PR WIRE, Portland, Oregon-based Vanport 1948 Vodka continues to make waves in the spirits industry by clinching its third award at the prestigious International Women’s Spirits Competition. This accolade solidifies Vanport 1948 Vodka’s reputation for excellence and highlights the brand’s commitment to quality and its deep connection to a meaningful historical narrative.   The International Women’s Spirits Competition is renowned for its rigorous judging process, where an esteemed panel of female industry experts evaluates entries based on taste, aroma, appearance, and overall impression. Winning anRead More

Danielle McInturff, a Beacon of Inspiration and Perseverance at Middle Tennessee State University

United States, 22nd Jul 2024 – Amidst the bustling campus of Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU), stands a beacon of inspiration and perseverance by the name of Danielle Rae. Her journey through the halls of academia has been nothing short of remarkable, embodying the very essence of what it means to strive for excellence while making a meaningful impact. Danielle Rae /Danielle Rae MTSU/Danielle Rae Mclnturff From the moment she stepped foot on campus, Danielle Rae captured the attention of her peers and professors alike with her unparalleled dedication and boundless energy.Read More

EL Homes: Pioneering Buy-to-Let Investments and Premium Living with El Curve in Limassol

EL Homes Development Ltd, led by CEO Mohamed El Mahdy, has announced the early completion of its luxury property project, El Curve, in Germasogeia, Limassol. This development, set to finish five months ahead of schedule, exemplifies the company’s commitment to high-quality, profitable real estate investments. Located in Limassol’s vibrant Germasogeia area, known for its scenic beauty and prime residential appeal, El Curve offers two-bedroom apartments and an ultra-luxury penthouse, promising exceptional living experiences and attractive rental yields. EL Homes continues to set new standards in the real estate market withRead More

MyVoice AI: Shape Kenya’s Future, Start with the Supplementary Budget 2024

Elloe AI Revolutionizes Citizen Engagement in Kenya Nairobi, Kenya – 07/21/2024 – In a groundbreaking move to enhance citizen participation and governance, Elloe AI today launched MyVoice, an AI-powered platform designed to empower Kenyans to shape their nation’s future. With a population of over 50 million people speaking diverse languages, Kenya faces unique challenges in ensuring effective citizen engagement. MyVoice addresses this by providing a platform where Kenyans can easily access, understand, and participate in policy discussions. By leveraging AI and WhatsApp, MyVoice breaks down language barriers and empowers citizensRead More