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Monday, February 12th, 2024


Arete Pest Control Extends Cockroach Control with Complimentary Re-Service in Alpharetta

Alpharetta, GA – Arete Pest Control, a pest extermination service provider in Alpharetta, has expanded its offerings to include a specialized cockroach control service. This service is unique for its no-cost Re-Service Guarantee, which allows for additional assistance between regular services at no extra charge if necessary. Arete Pest Control’s cockroach control program begins with meticulously inspecting the affected area to identify various cockroach species, such as baby, American, and German. Following this assessment, a customized treatment plan is developed, utilizing specific cockroach sprays and methods to target each species’Read More

Battery Mineral Resources Corp. Announces Agreements with Javelin Global Commodities

–News Direct– Battery Mineral Resources Corp. (TSXV: BMR) (OTCQB: BTRMF) (Battery or BMR or the Company) is pleased to announce that its Chilean subsidiary, Minera BMR SpA (Minera) has entered into a marketing agreement, master purchase and sale agreement, a copper concentrate pre-payment and advance payment terms arrangements (collectively, the Agreements) with Javelin Global Commodities (Javelin). It is intended that, pursuant to the Agreements, Javelin will market the copper concentrate, gold, silver, and other metals, (Product), produced at the Punitaqui Plant located at the Punitaqui Mining Complex (Punitaqui), provide aRead More

Arete Pest Control Delivers Cockroach Control with No-Cost Re-Service Guarantee in Orem

Orem, UT – Arete Pest Control, a pest extermination service in Orem, introduces its specialized cockroach control service, featuring a unique no-cost Re-Service Guarantee. This guarantee provides additional, cost-free assistance between regular appointments as needed. Commencing with a detailed inspection of the premises, Arete Pest Control’s strategy involves identifying the specific type of cockroach infestation, including baby, American, and German cockroaches. A tailor-made treatment plan is then formulated, employing specialized cockroach sprays and methods designed to target each species’ unique traits effectively. The team at Arete Pest Control utilizes advancedRead More

Enhancing Home Comfort and Security: Houston Embraces Plantation Shutters for Year-Round Protection

Amid the dynamic weather patterns and growing security concerns in Houston, a significant shift is occurring in home comfort and protection solutions. Plantation Shutters Houston, a premier provider of custom window treatments, is leading this trend with their superior quality plantation shutters, offering unparalleled climate control, privacy, and security. Plantation shutters have long been cherished for their classic aesthetic appeal, but their functionality in terms of climate control and security is now coming to the forefront in Houston. “Our plantation shutters are not just window dressings, they are an integralRead More

Zerorez Phoenix Introduces Eco-Friendly Zr Water for Carpet Cleaning in Gilbert

Gilbert, AZ – Zerorez Phoenix, a leader in the carpet cleaning industry, has announced the introduction of Zr Water, a groundbreaking, eco-friendly cleaning solution, in Gilbert. This innovative approach is set to redefine the standards of home cleanliness, prioritizing the health and safety of families, including their beloved pets and children. The introduction of Zr Water aligns with Zerorez Phoenix’s mission to deliver cleaning services that are not only effective but also environmentally responsible. Unlike traditional carpet cleaning solutions that often rely on detergents and chemicals, Zr Water is aRead More

Lone Star Locksmith Emerges as A Premier Provider of 24/7 Emergency Locksmith Services in Houston, TX

Houston, TX – Lone Star Locksmith takes pride in being a go-to solution for all emergency locksmith needs. The company stands ready to provide swift and reliable assistance, whether it’s a car lockout, building lockout, broken key extraction, car key replacement, key duplication, lock rekeying, lock repairs, or any other emergency. With a commitment to excellence and a comprehensive suite of emergency locksmith services, Lone Star Locksmith has solidified its position as a trusted ally for residential homes and businesses. The company’s dedication to customer satisfaction, combined with decades ofRead More

Zerorez Carpet Cleaning Continues Expansion, Opening a New Location in the San Diego Area

San Diego, CA: Zerorez Carpet Cleaning recently expanded its presence in the San Diego area. The company hopes to replicate its success and make it easier for more homeowners to access its cleaning services. Clients can expect services from highly trained technicians who clean homes professionally and treat homes with the utmost respect. The company also offers a range of services in the new location, including carpet cleaning San Diego. Apart from removing allergens, dust, and unpleasant smells, the technicians have the skills and advanced equipment to solve some ofRead More

Scorpion Locksmith Houston Offers Round-the-clock Services, Empowering Homeowners with Reliable Security Solutions.

Houston, TX – Whether it’s getting locked out of a home, locking keys inside the car, or misplacing house keys after a night out, a lockout is an inconvenience and can happen at the worst possible time. Fortunately, Scorpion Locksmith Houston delivers dependable locksmith services and enhances its offerings by sharing practical tips to prevent lockouts. For instance, the downtown houston locksmith highlights the importance of establishing a consistent routine, such as placing keys in a designated spot upon entering the home, as an effective measure to avoid home lockouts.Read More

Zerorez Charlotte Elevates Indoor Air Quality with Comprehensive Air Duct Cleaning Services

Charlotte, NC – In the heart of Charlotte, North Carolina, Zerorez Charlotte, a company well known for their carpet cleaning, is setting a new standard for home cleanliness and indoor air quality by providing comprehensive air duct cleaning services. With a rich history spanning three decades, the company has evolved into a multi-national, multi-surface cleaning company with a team of thousands, servicing over 1500 homes every day. The company’s commitment to combining advanced technology with a mission to be a leading air duct cleaning service provider has been the keyRead More

Zerorez of Minnesota Unveils Air Duct Cleaning Services for a Fresh St Louis Park

St Louis Park, MN – Air ducts serve as the respiratory systems for buildings, channeling fresh air to different areas, just as lungs distribute oxygen throughout the body. Like bronchial passages, these ducts ensure a healthy, balanced airflow, vital for the well-being of the occupants in the structures they breathe life into. Considering their critical role, keeping these critical airways clean is important to optimize their efficiency. Zerorez of Minnesota is leading the charge against air duct dirt in St Louis Park, MN, and beyond. After recording tremendous success inRead More