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Slippage 10%,4% adding liquidity pool, 4% bonus of BNB;2% dividend of token

Advantages of Quark

1.Active engagement by top bloggers

A number of top Twitter bloggers recommend strongly, which directly radiating hundreds of thousands of followers. Chinese and foreign communities continue to enter into the market, and the currency price will be stable and continue to increase.

2.Instant rewards to BNB

4% of each transaction will be directly distributed to all Quark holders by BNB. Quark holders can receive BNB rewards on the official website at any time. The larger the transaction is, the more frequent  BNB rewards will be.

3.Automatic repurchase and destruction

Each transaction is added 4% to the repurchase system and ready to be destroyed to ensure that the Quark’s value remains stable or increases as the token is permanently removed from the supply.

4.Safe and stable, no withdrawal risk

After launching online,the liquidity pool will be locked up. There’s no risk of withdrawing of pool. You can feel at ease to hold the coin to take profits and make promotion.

5.The project roadmap is clear, positive and continuous

At the early stage of  launching, the potential is huge. The project party will continue to promote the work as planned, and spend a big money on various channels of advertising and promote the exchange platform launching plan gradually. The number of users will continue to increase under a continous good feedback.

Pre-sale plan

Time of the first round: 4 – 6 PM in June 30th,2021

Exchange rate:1BNB=900000000000 QUARK

Time of the second round: 6 -8 PM in June 30th,2021

Exchange rate:1BNB=800000000000 QUARK

Purchase limit on single address: 0.2~2BNB

Time of launching the PancakeSwap

8 PM in June 30th, 2021. Go with the liquidity transaction.

Official website:



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