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Phone Addiction Epidemic – Save the Children, Walkers, and Drivers – Safe Call-EarPhone – Rescue!

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New safer, smarter, phone, addresses distracted driving, walking, and phone addiction – USPTO Patent Available

San Diego, California Mar 3, 2024 ( – ASF. is the NPO leader in driving safety research and development since 1988 and has been focusing on modernizing public telecommunications for driving and walking safety for over a decade.

Yes the headline reads, .”…Save the Children, Walkers and Drivers…”.Looks like AI is back in the spotlight with a news alert, reporting… AI is steadily, covertly, and even insidiously, seizing control of the earthlings, thrusting the unwary into a full blown “smartphone” addiction safety and health crisis, that people actually pay for.

Years ago, the NHTSA called distracted driving a, “deadly epidemic,” and now, with around 7 billion mobile phones subscriptions, this epidemic has spread into rampant distracted walking, causing a safety and health crisis, called, “phone addiction” also the chief cause of distracted walking and driving accidents. Looks like everyone needs a wake up call, and we need to save the children, not only from walking and biking accidents, but young people in their formative years, hooked on their phone screen, will likely suffer major health issues as they grow older, see,

Modern technology has made many advancements in communications, but sounds like an alert for preserving human autonomy, self reliance, and a warning about becoming overly dependent, or enslaved to relying on the use of technology in our everyday lives. The chief concern and question, of utmost importance for technology should be, is it beneficial to personal safety, and wellbeing, as well as the safety and well being of others? Afterall, your parents, and their parents, got along with their lives without it. Well, good communications are needed, we all like that. May sound ride the airwaves, play on, play on… Music the invisible art…yes, music and talking, most like that. Also consider that the human can walk and talk, cook and talk, and even drive and talk, but…the eyes can not multitask that way, and this means for safety and survival, one must…watch where you are going! Eyes on the road – hands on the wheel, look both ways, look before you leap, watch where you are going, as your life, and the lives of others, depend on this.

So back to AI and the smartphone. While on a walk, riding a bike, or even driving, should be nothing wrong with calling a friend, listening to a song, or even checking an email, just as long as it can be done hands free, while watching where you are going.

AI may captivate your attention with sound, well OK, but let’s keep that in check. Don’t let AI hijack your sight, vision, or future, as if you do, you may not have one. Fatal walking and driving accidents are on the rise, and there are already too many. Don’t be next!

Most people like to talk on the phone, or address internet matters, but If these tasks are attempted on a phone while in motion, then they must be done safely. So then, what is the answer? The time has come for a new phone, one with new safety abilities, based on modern voice technology… Introducing the new Safe Call-Earphone, the new safe phone utilizing voice technology that eliminates the phone screen, and requirement for eyes and hand operatives. Yes, a new phone has arrived that operates by voice, and is entirely eyes and hands free. Included in the new Safe Call-EarPhone merits:- aids safety, preventing distracted walking, and driving accidents – aids health – stopping phone screen addiction – good for children and students – safe to use driving and walking – no screen, fewer parts therefore, more affordable – an aid for the blind, disabled, and low income people.

The Safe Call-EarPhone is the result of over three decades of research, from ASF, the NPO leader in driving safety research, and development, since 1988. There is no doubt of the importance for the introduction of a smarter phone, required to address public safety, and health globally.

A new invention that can save lives, prevent injury accidents, and help public health internationally, is indeed miraculous, award winning, and should top the Nobel Prize list.

If we must use a phone while in motion, for entertainment, or for research, let’s do it safely.

ASF is now offering USPTO #18/426,320 for licensing or sales. IP brokers, companies, cause marketing partners, contact, [email protected].

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Source :Automobile Safety Foundation – ASF

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