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Pastor attending the New Year’s First Bible seminar in Ulsan “I want to learn the word properly”

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On Wednesday, January 17th, over 1,000 people stream to the Chairman of Shincheonji Church of Jesus’s Bible Seminar hosted in Ulsan under the topic of “The Fulfillment of the Book of Revelation.”

Chicago, Illinois Feb 1, 2024 ( – “I want to learn the word properly.”

This is the confession of a pastor who attended the ‘Bible seminar: testimony on the fulfilled realities of Revelation’ held on the 17th at the Ulsan Church of the Andrew Tribe of Shincheonji Church of Jesus, the Temple of the Tabernacle of the Testimony (Head Han-soo Kim, hereinafter referred to as Shincheonji Ulsan Church).

One pastor said, “After listening to the teaching today, I am so ashamed of what I have preached. “I need to learn the Bible again and preach properly,” he added.

Like this, in the new year of 2024, there is already a lot of interest from pastors and established church members about the “Bible seminar: Testimony on the fulfilled realities of Revelation,” held by Shincheonji Church of Jesus.

Despite being a weekday, 1,200 people, including 100 pre-registered pastors, attended the Bible seminar, reflecting strong interest.

Chairman Man-hee Lee, the lecturer of the Bible seminar, stated, “Today’s meeting was prepared to convey what I saw and heard, not an arbitrary interpretation,” and “As I testify according to what I see, so everything I say is based on facts, regardless of (my) age or knowledge.”

Chairman Lee emphasized, “Isn’t the reason people have living faith because they ultimately hope for the fulfillment of the promises of the Bible?” and “If all the prophecies in the Book of Revelation are fulfilled, the kingdom of God will also be completed. Therefore, we must know what is written in the Book of Revelation.”

He continued, “Being a Christian is not everything. It’s a problem if you don’t follow God’s will as written in the Bible,” he pointed out. “It’s going to be fixed by you insisting on your own stubbornness.” No matter who you are, you must act according to God’s standards. “In this way, let us become true believers who reveal the glory of God to this world,” he said.

He also made requests to the pastors who attended the Bible seminar. Chairman Lee said, “If pastors first listen to this word and gain understanding, they can teach it to their church members. “We will provide textbooks and education as needed.” He urged that “Let’s become one family in God by asking questions and solving issues that we think are problematic.”

A church leader from Shincheonji Ulsan Church said, “While listening to the clear evidence unfolding based on the Bible, there are a significant number of pastors showing willingness to open their closed hearts and listen to the word attentively.” He added, “In appreciation of the courage and testimonies shared by pastors and believers, we are committed to fostering mutual growth with Korean churches by engaging in follow-up education, cultural exchange, and collaboration.”

Shincheonji Church of Jesus conducted lectures on the Book of Revelation in major cities across the country last year, and held its first New Year’s Bible seminar in Ulsan this year. This event was carried out in response to requests from pastors and lay believers to ‘hold the Bible seminar in more cities.’

Meanwhile, the Shincheonji Bible seminar that began on 20th is slated to continue at the Andrews Training Center of the Andrews Tribe located in Busan. The seminar held by Shincheonji Church of Jesus can be viewed on both their official YouTube Channel and the Midwest Branch’s YouTube as well available here:

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