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dEx Announces a Zero-Knowledge Targeting Engine

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AdEx, a pioneer in digital advertising technology, is unveiling its latest innovation the ZK targeting engine set to be integrated into AdEx soon after the platform launches in Q2 2024.

AdEx ZK emerges as a trailblazer in privacy-preserving advertising, addressing a crucial need in the advertising space that has long struggled with finding a delicate balance between safeguarding user privacy and maintaining the utmost accuracy in targeting. In this landscape, AdEx ZK is set to revolutionize the industry by offering a groundbreaking solution complete user privacy without compromising the high accuracy required for targeted advertising.

AdEx ZK is a targeting engine within the AdEx platform that uses in-situ processing technology to process data directly on the users devices, enabling them to retain full control over their data. By doing so, AdEx ZK adheres to zero-knowledge principles, ensuring no user information is disclosed during ad matching and complies with current and future privacy regulations.

To harmonize user privacy and optimize ad performance, AdEx ZK employs user-curated ads. In this approach, users actively choose their preferred ad categories and, in turn, are incentivized to view ads. This boosts user engagement and enhances overall campaign results by fostering a more personalized and rewarding advertising experience.

AdEx ZK offers distinct advantages for both advertisers and users. Advertisers enjoy compliance with privacy laws, lower fees, transparency in campaign results and spending, as well as access to highly targeted and responsive audiences. Users, on the other hand, remain in full control over their data, can choose the ads they see, and also receive rewards for viewing ads.

This innovative targeting approach is poised to make an impact in the digital advertising space by addressing key industry challenges:

Lack of Data Privacy and Third-Party Cookies Phasing ut: AdEx ZK refrains from collecting any user data for the ad matching process, ensuring complete user privacy and compliance with privacy laws. With Third-Party Cookies phasing out, advertisers face challenges targeting the right audience, worsening performance, and increasing ad spending.

Ad Fatigue: The introduction of user-curated ads empowers users to select their ad category preferences, enhancing engagement and user attention. Users are also rewarded with ADX tokens for viewing ads.

High Fees: By establishing direct connections between advertisers and publishers, AdEx ZK significantly reduces fees. Advertisers benefit from fees as low as 7% (or 4% with ADX tokens), a notable reduction from the standard 25-30%.

AdExs Zero Knowledge Targeting Engine is changing how digital advertising works.

We shift focus to giving users full control over the promotional content they consume and keeping their data private. On the other hand, advertisers benefit from better targeting and ad performance thanks to user-curated ads and reward incentives. This isnt just a novel technological approach its the start of an era where personalized ads and user privacy go hand in hand. said Dimo Stoyanov, COO and Co-Founder at AdEx.

Through the introduction of AdEx ZK, AdEx seeks to revolutionize the digital landscape, introducing a novel approach to the functioning of digital advertising and amplifying the control users have over the content they are exposed to. It's a shift towards a user-centric digital advertising ecosystem, fostering a more engaging and harmonious interaction between advertisers and users.


About AdEx

AdEx represents a next-generation ad-tech solution aiming to address and correct some of the most prominent inefficiencies of the online advertising industry, such as ad fraud, lack of transparency in reporting, and user privacy. Founded in 2017 as a decentralized ad exchange, AdEx has pivoted to a Demand-Side Platform (DSP) catering to the needs of Web3 advertisers. This transformation enables them to access untapped audiences of potential crypto users through programmatic advertising. Noteworthy platform advantages include minimal fees (just 7% for launching a campaign), premium publishers, payment options in stablecoins, and enhanced security.

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