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Sunday, April 21st, 2024


Riversgold’s David Lenigas discusses potential for Northern Zone gold project amid rising gold price

–News Direct– Riversgold Ltd chairman David Lenigas discusses the potential and progress of the company's Northern Zone gold project with Proactive's Stephen Gunnion, highlighting the current favourable conditions due to rising gold prices, with expectations that the price could reach approximately A$4,000 an ounce in the near future. Lenigas detailed the exploration target of 2.8 to 4.5 million ounces of gold, situated near Kalgoorlie, a major mining area. He likened the project to Saturn Metals Apollo Hills project, with similar geological features and promising metallurgy showing 92% recovery rates. StepsRead More

Artemis Resources expands gold exploration in West Pilbara amid favorable market conditions

–News Direct– Artemis Resources Ltd (ASX:ARV, AIM:ARV, OTCQB:ARTTF) executive director George Ventouras tells Proactive's Stephen Gunnion that a review of the company's Karratha Gold Precinct coincides perfectly with the recent rally in the gold price to record levels. The Karratha Gold Precinct in the West Pilbara region includes the discovery of a significant resource at the Carlow tenement, which boasts over 700,000-ounce equivalents of high-grade gold. Ventouras highlighted the identification of additional prospects that could either extend the Carlow tenement or represent separate mineralized events. Ventouras emphasized the strategic timingRead More

Labyrinth Resources renews focus on Comet Vale project in Australia as Canadian sale progresses

–News Direct– Labyrinth Resources Ltd (ASX:LRL) CEO Jennifer Neild, highlights the companys current operational strategy and future prospects in an interview with Proactive's Stephen Gunnion. ASX-listed Labyrinth Resources manages two mining assets: the Labyrinth mine in Canada and the Comet Vale mine in Western Australia. The Canadian site, notable for its 500,000-ounce gold resource at an average of five grammes per tonne, is being sold, which will add approximately A$5.3 million (US$3.5 million) to the companys finances. This sale will enable further exploration at Comet Vale, which ceased mining inRead More

The Bitcoin Halving Complete! Investors are Lining Up to Buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, and New Crypto Raboo

–News Direct– The Bitcoin halving was the recent trending crypto market news, which was concluded over the weekend. What does this mean for Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH), and also, what impact will the Bitcoin halving have on altcoins like Raboo (RABT), currently in presale at a price of just $0.0036? Bitcoin (BTC): Halving supply shock could see prices skyrocket The Bitcoin halving happens every four years and has traditionally triggered big shifts in the crypto market. This occurrence reduces the reward for mining new blocks by half, slowing theRead More

Exploring DeFi Governance Models

Dubai, UAE, 21st April 2024, A revolutionary force behind many recent crypto innovations, DeFi, is challenging the financial sector, questioning traditional governance and decision-making models. DeFi’s core lies in the power of crypto holders and users who work together to improve access to financial opportunities for all. Although DAOs appear to be the most common and talked-about governing model in blockchain, the truth is that the situation is far more intricate and varied. DeFi Governance  DeFi governance pertains to different methods found within the DeFi landscape. It usually pertains toRead More

Saudi Visa For Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, San Marino Citizens

SAUDI VISA FOR PORTUGUESE CITIZENS The Saudi government has recently introduced an electronic visa system, simplifying the process for visitors to enter the country. The Saudi Arabia eVisa is an electronic visa available for around 50 countries, including Portuguese citizens, to visit Saudi Arabia for tourism. In the year 2019, the Saudi government introduced the tourist eVisa to simplify visa requests and greet international tourists. The Saudi Arabia online visa allows for numerous entries. This implies that you can bring it along on several journeys to rural areas. Each timeRead More

Saudi Visa For Norway, Dutch, Polish, New Zealand, Montenegro Citizens

SAUDI VISA FOR MONTENEGRIN CITIZENS The e-Visa service for Saudi Arabia is now convenient for Montenegrins wanting to visit the country. This online visa system enables travelers to submit and obtain their visas digitally, streamlining the process for convenience. The eVisa for Saudi Arabia is an electronic travel permit which permits tourists from approximately 50 nations to enter the country for leisure purposes. The Saudi government introduced the tourist eVisa in 2019 to simplify visa processes and attract international tourists. The Saudi Arabia online visa permits multiple entries. This impliesRead More

Saudi Visa For Luxembourg, French, Malta, Malaysian Citizen

SAUDI VISA FOR LUXEMBOURGISH CITIZENS The Saudi government plans to release electronic visas in the upcoming weeks. Nevertheless, citizens from only 50 specific countries, such as Luxembourg, will meet the requirements for application. In 2019, the Saudi government introduced the tourist eVisa to simplify the visa application procedure and attract visitors from around the world. Saudi Arabia’s electronic visa permits entry multiple times. This implies that you are able to utilize it on several visits to the nation. It permits a stay of 90 days per visit, with a maximumRead More

Saudi Visa For Kazakhstan, South Korean, Latvian, British And Lithuania Citizens

SAUDI VISA FOR KAZAKHSTANI CITIZENS Kazakhstan citizens intending to visit Saudi Arabia for tourism must secure an online travel visa as per Saudi visa rules. This electronic visa is from Saudi Arabia. Applications for Saudi eVisas are now being accepted from over 50 countries, including Kazakhstan. Citizens of Kazakhstan must make sure they fulfill the eVisa requirements of Saudi Arabia. The Saudi government launched the tourist eVisa in 2019 with the aim of streamlining the visa application procedure and inviting travelers from around the world. Each entry permits a stayRead More

Saudi Visa For Hungary, Japanese, Iceland, Irish And Italian Citizens

SAUDI VISA FOR HUNGARIAN CITIZENS The government of Saudi Arabia now permits Hungarians to request visas online, facilitating their entry into the country. The eVisa project from Saudi Arabia has simplified the process for Hungarians to travel to the country for various purposes like tourism, business, or any other reasons. The Saudi Arabia eVisa is an electronic visa that permits citizens from around 50 countries to travel to Saudi Arabia for tourism. Hungary is among the fifty countries that allow electronic visas. In 2019, the Saudi government implemented the touristRead More