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Sunday, February 11th, 2024


Canada Visa For British, Romania, Belgium, Barbados Citizens

CANADA VISA FOR BRITISH Chattogram, Bangladesh, 11th February 2024, The Canadian Immigration Service launched the Canadian eTA in 2015 to improve tourist screening and validate their eligibility to enter the country before they travel. This means that British citizens can travel to Canada with a Canadian eTA instead of a tourist visa. British citizens (and the majority of their Overseas Territories and Crown Dependencies) do not require a visa to visit Canada if they have a Canadian Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA). The Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) is a digital visaRead More

Canada Visa Application For Spain And Australian Citizens

CANADA VISA FROM SPAIN Los Angeles, California, 11th February 2024, Spanish citizens can enter Canada without a visa if they have a Canadian Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA), which acts as a digital visa waiver. The online application process for the Canadian eTA was introduced in 2016, making it faster and easier for Spanish nationals, as well as 57 other nationalities, to apply for short-term visits to Canada. Spaniards must obtain pre-approved travel authorization before flying to Canada for up to six consecutive months. Spanish citizens must obtain a Canada eTARead More

Happy Chinese New Year Tour Helped Ringing in the Lunar New Year with Seven Events in the United States to Showcase Chinese Craftsmanship and Art Forms

The Zhejiang delegation of Happy Chinese New Year Tour, led by China’s Zhejiang Provincial Cultural Center, caused excitement wherever they went. The delegation co-hosted or was presented at seven Lunar New Year celebration events in New York, New Jersey, and Philadelphia. At each of these events, the artisans and draftsmen from the delegation were surrounded by audiences, ranged from school ages kids, city officials, to ambassadors, who are captivated by the unique craftsmanship and art forms and wanted to know more about the art form and about China’s modern lifestyle.Read More

MEC & General Motors Announce Achievement of Surpassing Sales Targets.

–News Direct– New York, Feb. 11, 2024 (500NewsWire) — we are proud to announce that the promotion work reached with the General Motors brand "Chevrolet Equinox EV" has achieved a strategic breakthrough. Based on the original plan to achieve the sales task of 4,500-9,000 units, actual production has Sales of 5,267 units were achieved. For this reason, MEC members participating in this investment project settled investment dividends in advance. The MEC global film ecological platform will comprehensively deploy the expansion of global business models in 2024, provide data sharing, realizeRead More

Cambodia Visa For Dutch, Qatar, New Zealand, Norway, Polish Citizens

CAMBODIA VISA FOR DUTCH CITIZENS Phnom Penh, Cambodia, 11th February 2024, In 2006, the Kingdom of Cambodia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation introduced the Cambodia e-visa, or electronic visa, system. The Cambodia e-Visa is a digital travel authorization available to citizens of more than 200 countries, including the Netherlands. Dutch citizens can visit Cambodia with an e-visa for tourism, leisure, or short-term business. The Cambodia e-visa allows Dutch citizens to visit Cambodia for up to 30 days. A Cambodia eVisa for Dutch citizens is valid for three monthsRead More

Cambodia Visa For Indian, Mexican, Italian, Latvia, Irish Citizens

CAMBODIA VISA FOR INDIAN CITIZENS Phnom Penh, Cambodia, 11th February 2024, Cambodia is one of the most popular tourist destinations worldwide, and not just in Southeast Asia. It is home to Angkor Wat, the world’s largest religious structure, and hosts several major festivals throughout the year. In 2006, the Cambodian government changed the way international visitors obtained visas, making the process easier, less expensive, and less complicated. At the time, the Cambodian e-visa was introduced, and Indian citizens were among those who could apply online. Indian citizens can obtain aRead More

Announcing the Dr. Alan Emamdee Scholarship: Pioneering Compassionate Psychiatry

New York City, New York Feb 11, 2024 ( – Dr. Alan Emamdee proudly announces the establishment of the Dr. Alan Emamdee Scholarship for Medical Students, a distinguished award aimed at nurturing the next generation of compassionate and culturally-aware psychiatric providers. With a one-time award of $1,000, this scholarship seeks to support promising medical students dedicated to serving vulnerable and underserved populations through psychiatry. Named after Dr. Alan Emamdee, a renowned board-certified psychiatrist renowned for his unwavering commitment to mental healthcare in marginalized communities, this scholarship embodies the values ofRead More

UnivSense becomes South India’s Fastest-Growing Google Partner Marketing Agency in 2024

India, 11th Feb 2024, King NewsWire – UnivSense, a global leader in end-to-end performance marketing, has become one of the Fastest-Growing Google Partner Marketing Agencies of 2024. This recognition reflects the rapid growth UnivSense has experienced in the past three years, with revenues growing by 320%. This exceptional growth is even more remarkable given UnivSense’s lean team of fewer than 20 employees. The company’s innovative business model allows its small but mighty team to serve over 87 clients globally.  In 2023 alone, UnivSense’s paid search and earned media teams haveRead More


McHenry, Illinois, United States, 11th Feb 2024 – Renowned author Dee G Suberla has captivated readers once again with her latest masterpiece, “The Zing Fling: An Adventure in the Crystal Forest.” This enchanting book takes readers on an extraordinary journey through a world of magic, wonder, and selfdiscovery.   In “The Zing Fling,” Suberla weaves a tapestry of imagination, inviting readers into the heart of the Crystal Forest where mystical creatures, untold secrets, and unexpected friendships await. The story unfolds with vibrant prose, transporting readers to a place where everyRead More

The Persian Gulf Economies Watch as Saudi Bets on FinTech

The Persian Gulf countries are witnessing Saudi Arabia’s strategic shift away from its traditional oil-based economy towards a new focus on financial technology (FinTech). In the last quarter of 2023, its economic growth rate was 1.5%, a deceleration from the preceding quarter. The expansion was primarily fueled by the non-oil sector, which saw a 2.6% jump, in contrast to the oil sector that experienced a decline of 2.1% due to reduced production. Overall GDP growth for Saudi Arabia in 2023 was approximately 2.3%, a slight increase from the 2.1% seenRead More