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Thursday, October 14th, 2021


2021 Cruise Ship Myths/Misconceptions – Travel Guide Launched

By reading the new guide, anyone considering a vacation on the water will find detailed information to help them make a more informed decision about their trip. It includes information on the safety of cruises, the food available onboard, and more. More information can be found at Traditionally, taking a cruise is a popular way for Americans to spend their vacation. In 2019, over 14 million people enjoyed a cruise, but the number dropped to under three million in 2020. The new guide aims to highlight the safety ofRead More

Entrepreneur Type Assessment – Business Model/Product Suitability Tool Launched

Studies show that 90% of today’s billionaires are self-made. Entrepreneurship and ambitious enterprises are not only a key part of a healthy economy, but they offer business creators financial independence, a deeper sense of work satisfaction, control over lifestyles and schedules, and even tax benefits. With the launch of the Ask Method Company’s “Start Your Own Business” quiz, aspiring business owners can begin evaluating their ideas based on profitability, scalability, and lifestyle fit to ensure success down the line. The quiz can be accessed via the Ask Method Company’s miniRead More

West Miami Bachata/Salsa Studio Best Adult Latin Fusion Dance Classes Expanded

The studio is tapping into the enormous interest in Latin dance in Miami. Dance Awakening understands that individuals and couples may be hesitant or think it’s too late to learn to dance and so, is expanding class slots for novices, who want to feel comfortable, safe, and welcomed, regardless of their skill level. More details can be found at Dance Awakening offers classes beginning at 7 PM. Other classes offered during the week include Zumba and Brazilian Zouk. Saturday mornings feature both Zumba and a special “Mom and Me”Read More

Calgary Car Electrician – Air Conditioner/Auto Computer Repair Service Updated

This upgraded offering provides motorists with a one-stop shop for all their auto electrical needs. The garage can handle a variety of issues, including cooling system failures and problems with the car computer. More information about Cetus Auto is available via This newly revamped service is geared towards both individual car owners and operators of corporate motor fleets. Vehicle repairs will be handled by highly trained and duly licensed technicians registered in the Province of Alberta. While the engine serves as the powerhouse of a vehicle, the electrical systemRead More

Boulder CO DISC Personality Assessments – Sales Team Training Services Launch

Now using DISC profiling, the Sandler certified training center helps professional salespeople and managers to better understand themselves and their interactions with others. The DISC model identifies one of four personality types, those being dominance, influence, steadiness, and correctness. More details can be found at: Many organizations are seeking new ways to improve individual and team performance. The new assessment service is designed to identify the key skills and attributes of team members, which allows a better understanding of capability gaps and future training needs. Used by over 1Read More

Business Coach Landing Page Builder/CRM Tool – Automated Emails Guide Free

The newly updated guide explains that in today’s landscape, any coach wanting to ensure success is required to build a website. This allows them to reach a wider client base, grow a community, and establish themselves as leaders in their space. More information can be found at: One of the biggest challenges that new businesses face is the rising costs associated with maintaining a strong online presence. The latest guide explains that Groove has been designed especially to combat this, and provides a more affordable approach to business management.Read More

AirPhysio Post-Surgery Atelectasis Relief Natural Lung Cleaning Device Launched

The launch of the AirPhysio device aims to provide customers with an affordable and effective medical device to treat severe and acute respiratory conditions. Based on Oscillating Positive Expiratory Pressure (OPEP) technology, the lung cleaning device also serves as a natural way to increase lung capacity in those who have suffered the complete or partial collapse of a lung. Further details on this at: Life Wellness Healthcare has launched AirPhysio as a non-surgical exercise device to help those who have difficulty breathing and have symptoms of asthma, bronchitis, COPD,Read More

Trifecta Kennels Offering Expanded Services Under New Ownership in 2021

Longtime area dog boarding and daycare facility Trifecta Kennels in Gilbert, PA is under new ownership. The new owner Eugene Babenko recently purchased the business with it’s large 6 acre grounds as an ideal spot for dog boarding and daycare as well as new services being added. The business was founded in 1979 and has been an area mainstay for dog services for over 40 years, so it has clearly stood the test of time. The former owners decided to sell during the covid pandemic which largely restricted travel forRead More

AirPhysio Asthma Breathing Device – Symptom/Mucus Management Product Relaunched

Following the relaunch, customers can order the award-winning device for themselves or their family with multipacks. A specially designed children’s version of the device is also available for those over the age of five. More information can be found at Asthma affects approximately 25 million Americans and can cause bronchoconstriction, inflammation of soft tissue, and excess mucus in the lungs. The relaunched AirPhysio is highly effective at reducing mucus buildup using oscillating positive expiratory pressure (OPEP). Its OPEP technology creates a natural process where the body’s own mucus-clearing systemRead More

Embrace MES and create an era of empire under the metaverse

MES (METAVERSE EMPIRE) is a virtual world game based on blockchain. It uses MES+MEF as the governance token of the entire game ecology to reward all game players and allow players to experience the leap in the history of human civilization in parallel time and space.  From farming tribes to war civilization, a new “metaverse empire” was opened. Play-to-earn will see the advanced path of encrypted games The total global game profit in 2020 exceeds 300 billion U.S. dollars, and the most popular blockchain metaverse game is undoubtedly Axie infinity.Read More