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Saturday, September 25th, 2021


DNTP: a new solution for electronic health records

The medical and healthcare professionals need to maintain accurate health records of the patients, and these records need to be shared among different medical and healthcare institutions so that the medical staff can read the medical history comprehensively and avoid missing the important information. At this stage, the medical staff have used Electronic Health Records (HER) as the key to achieving these goals and providing quality care. However, there are still some technical and legal restrictions. The inability to resolve performance and privacy issues has always restricted the development ofRead More

TREX: Blow the Horn of the Area of Financial Revolution

The global finance is developing rapidly, and the digital asset transaction has entered the public’s vision with a self-confident posture. Nowadays, blockchain technology has been recognized by the common people, and has been successfully implemented and applied in various industries, and its value also has been recognized by people more and more. The financial investment and monetary attribute also break away from the traditional definitions while the era horn is being blown by the progress of digital asset. Consider the situation and carry out development following the trend. It isRead More