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Wednesday, September 22nd, 2021


High barriers to buying Bitcoin? Maybe you should try Bit.Store

As the price of Bitcoin continues to surge wildly, many investors outside the loop are getting curious about this emerging investment product. For example, I do get curious about why Bitcoin is soaring so high. What happened to Bitcoin? Indeed, for many traditional investors, when seeing the rising price of Bitcoin, they cannot help desiring to get profits from Bitcoin trading, and they are interested to know more about how Bitcoin is played out. Although cryptocurrency exchanges are currently the most common platforms for buying bitcoins with fiat currencies, for manyRead More

UniArt’s impossible art formula gallery bring bottom-up NFT appreciation with vote mining on 30th Sep

Preamble Recently, “Loot” has been spreading virally throughout the crypto community. Industry key opinion leaders (KOLs), founders of quality projects, and investment institutions all pay close attention to the emerging “bottom-up” concept, and more community members are excited about it. Despite the term bottom-up only recently coming into the limelight, in essence, the philosophy may be at the root of the entire crypto economy. Bitcoin, for example, breaks the rules of centralized government-issued fiat currency by enabling anyone that follows its PoW consensus algorithm to produce a new currency. OnRead More