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Friday, July 23rd, 2021


The ecosystem value of Lois Network is going to burst, a brand-new wealth opportunity is coming

Recently, a key coin project launched by Binance Ecology is emerging. Relying on its strong technological strength and strong marketability, the project has vigorously turned the situation during the bull market phase in 2021 and has caused a stir in the encryption circle. This project is not DeFi, but it has broader application scenarios than DeFi. This project is not NFT, but it contains the high-liquidity NFT ecology. It is Binance key ecology – Lois Network, a super ecology which is integrated with DeFi and NFT based on the strongRead More

The NFT next big thing is KardiaChain’s owned My DeFi Pet, and why

Our team can not be more proud of our very own NFT game MyDeFiPet a.k.a $DPET for its tremendous performance in the past few months. Recently, My DeFi Pet has broken many records and conquered peaks after peaks. For two consecutive weeks, My DeFi Pet is ranked Number 1 in the Top 10 of the most trending coins in Asia according to CoinGecko, and ranked as the Top NFT game by users’ choice covered by BSCDaily. This trendy NFT game is also expanding its size with over 150,000 active users,Read More

Shoessee Warm-Weather Shoe Lineup Takes A Cue From Summer’s Biggest Sandal Trends

Summer’s special sandals this year is already making news and the company has ensured it stocks up pairs in bulk quantities to meet the growing needs of customers. Shoessee, a reputed online footwear store recently added the 90s minimalist sandals in its existing list of shoes that has added to great sales figures. A complete reboot of the bygone era, the sandals have become a unanimous favourite for customers all over the world, as they provide a sneak peek into the 90’s fashion, one of the owners stated. The primaryRead More

Holapick Unveiled Its Summer Collection Of Floral Tops That Carry An Olde Worlde Charm

The online store aims to capture the vintage mood with tops and blouses underlined with a subtly eccentric touch. Holapick, a fast-growing online retail store, recently unveiled its latest collection of tops and blouses that come with elegant bucolic prints. Designed by young and aspiring fashion designers from around the world, the floral tops and the other cheap trendy clothes unveiled by the retail company are available in many different colors. The owners maintained that they have both printed and plain tops and blouses in stock now, while also addingRead More