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Wednesday, May 26th, 2021


POC launches the Nirvana plan,promoting the listing of POCR to rebuild confidence

In the past two months, the POC team has faced a huge crisis and unprecedented challenges. We deeply regret that the operation of POC projects in Greater China has been closed and stagnated. POC focuses on public chain development and has never authorized any organization or individual to carry out illegal activities. We will try to obtain the cold wallet and private key signature through a lawyer as soon as possible. At the same time, in order to protect the rights and interests of users, thanks to the support andRead More

CGTT(COGITATION) Token Listing United States

CGTT (COGITATION) new token listing ,to create a consensus cogitation countless community building a large number of holdings, the basis arm of CGGTT development along for Tron smart contracts. CGTT consensus community building, in no project side, no private placement, no pre-digging, complete decentralization to achieve transparency, more reliable credibility. CGTT was born in May 2021, with a total circulation of 10 billion pieces, Circulation accounted for 70% of the total, liquidity mining (POS) accounted for 20%, team building maintenance accounted for 5%, charity funds accounted for 2%, community buildingRead More

HappieWatch Releases New Watch: Dragon

With the Dragon, HappieWatch has created a work of art to be worn on your wrist. The watch features a full-colored dragon and a dazzling sapphire glass that enhance the hardness and quality. It also features a hand-polished multi-layered dial with a colorful dragon design and hand-cut strap. The watch also offers all the practicality we have come to expect from timepieces. It comes with vegan leather straps and a sleek style that blends classic and modern elements, making a statement in individuality. HappieWatch says it has created limited editions of thisRead More

Berrylook Aims To Be A Top Lifestyle Store in the UK and USA with Competitively Priced Products

While summer brings joy and mirth to every household, lifestyle product retailers gear up for further business growth during this time. Berrylook, an e-retail store, is now offering huge discounts. Berrylook is an online retail store having its operational base in the UK and doing business worldwide.  The retail store owners set a target for themselves halfway through 2021. Recently, the owners announced during a press conference that their key objective at this moment is to become the top lifestyle store by the end of 2021. In a bid toRead More