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Thursday, April 29th, 2021


Fido: Bring Hash Power Within Reach

With the development of blockchain technology, the pattern of the world economic order is constantly changing. DeFi and the new generation of Internet business represented by Filecoin are gradually becoming a hot topic. As the core concept of mining, the financialization of hash power has become an irreversible trend, and users’ demand for hash power financial platforms is also growing. Fido arises right at this historic moment. Fido is a DAPP logged in through the digital wallet, with the open and audited code. It functions as a decentralized hash powerRead More

Platon Aims To Become The Public Infrastructute Of Privacy Computing To Open Up Business Prospects For The Crypto Space

In the Information Age, Data Becomes a New Factor of Productivity In economics, factors of production, also known as production inputs, are essential resources for the production of goods and services. In his epochal work “Principles of Economics”, famous British economist Marshall put forward the theory of four factors of production — land, labor, capital and entrepreneurial talent. National income (NI) is the reward of four factors, and that is, national income (NI) = labor wage (w) + land rent (r) + capital interest (i) + operating profit (π). ThisRead More