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Thursday, March 18th, 2021


Real Estate Investing With CEO Jerry Harris

Memphis, TN, 18th March 2021, ZEXPRWIRE  When it comes to fixing and flipping homes and real estate investments in Memphis, TN, CEO Jerry Harris is one of the most knowledgeable individuals out there. In the last year, he has completed 23 fix and flips and 19 wholesale deals. Jerry has consistently proven himself as an industry expert and has made a name for himself as one of the most reputable real estate investors and fix and flippers in the Memphis area.  As a skilled real estate investor, Jerry !mows the insRead More

Cow Level AG joins forces with First international Play Money Exchange

Switzerland, 18th March 2021, ZEXPRWIRE – FiPME – the Estonian company First international Play Money Exchange has been acquired by Swiss Holding Cow Level AG.  FiPME is the next generation exchange where gamers can meet to trade in-game goods and services together with digital art. Cow Level AG is a Swiss Holding ready to build bridges and invest in gaming, esports and fashion. Our first launch product FiPME will be a stock exchange kinda offering for virtual items in the 159B Dollar market of video games.  For gaming studios –Read More

Millionaire Rapper and business mogul Cliff Clements Camp Zeroo on creating 100 Millionaires

Dallas, Texas, 18th March 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, I will never ever step foot on a stage or release another album until I find my 100 soldiers. If I create one millionaire and 99 other people are able to be home with their kids and live their lives happier, it’ll be worth it for me. Like I stated before it’s personal for me, I’m going to answer every DM, I’m going to make every call, and walk every single person that takes a shot on me through the process. I made that promiseRead More

EVOLUTON Makes Global Financial Ecology Emerge

A so-called term “Defi” took everyone in the blockchain business away last year, not only making decentralized exchanges overtaking the trading throne from the old cryptoexchanges, and had a great impact on Ethereum, but also made ordinary people aware of that there’s other things than Bitcoin in the blockchain industry. DeFi means “Decentralized Finance”, it appeared first at the end of 2017, Fusion proposed the concept of “Crypto Finance” in its official whitepaper, and began to focus on building digital financial technical facilities. Over the years, more and more crypto-projectsRead More

The Most Secure Bitcoin & Crypto Wallet: XcelPay Wallet

Singapore, 18th March 2021, ZEXPRWIRE – Buy, Sell, Store, and Trade BTC & ETH using XcelPay Wallet App. XcelPay Wallet makes it simple to send, receive and trade your favorite cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and others. Install the XcelPay Wallet app on your android and iOs device. Enjoy endless benefits.  XcelPay Wallet is the best mobile Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Wallet App.  Known for its security, XcelPay Wallet gives you space to store your cryptos and guarantees total peace of mind. Our cryptocurrency wallet app comes with Face ID, FingerprintRead More

Fully Decentralized Initial DEX Offerings Arrive on bSWAP

Binance Smart Chain projects can now automatically launch IDOs and users can swap directly from projects without slippage and with a liquidity pool available San Francisco, California March 18, 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, bSWAP, a subsidiary of the Atom Foundation which acquired, the first Binance Smart Chain (BSC) AMM, is launching a wholly decentralized Initial DEX Offering (IDO) launchpad platform. Supporting automatic Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) launches, the platform allows any project to raise money while maintaining liquidity, through built-in liquidity pools, and without interaction from an intermediary.  The bSWAP IDORead More

A New Horizon on Financial Future: Trister World’s New Ecology of DeFi Financial Aggregation

Today, Defi locked in over $40 billion of assets, a nibble of share, compared to the market cap of crypto assets $1.2 or so trillion. In traditional finance, the traditional derivatives market is worth hundreds of trillions of dollars, and the crypto market as a whole is less than 0.1% of its asset size, even the combined wealth of the people at the top of the pyramid is five or more times larger than total assets of the entire crypto market. Yet this is an opportunity for DeFi to grow.Read More

The development of Apollo chain has been completed, and the next stage will be mining

APC is an open source software designed and released by the world’s public welfare organizations and the P2P network built on it. It is a blockchain for promoting public welfare. It is built by Apollo ecological APC Public Welfare Alliance and launched by many countries around the world at the same time. It aims to build a more open, transparent, reasonable and trusted public welfare platform around the world. APC uses the characteristics of blockchain technology, such as traceability, non tampering, data encryption and security, to realize the whole processRead More