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Wednesday, March 17th, 2021


KingSwap: Not Only Transactions on OKExChain

With the launch of the OKExChain testnet, the time to launch the mainnet is getting closer. KingSwap, as a distinctive smart flash swap protocol on OKExChain, has also attracted most attention of the global community. Deflation + Aggregation KingSwap Completes the Ultimate Value Capture Decentralized finance represents the future development direction of the digital economy. The founding team of KingSwap realized that there is no complete one-stop solution on OKExChain for the custody and multi-party exchange of cryptocurrencies. KingSwap is the world’s first innovative NFT token. It is a modelRead More

Will NFXT become next NFT super star?

The time has come to 2021. The cryptocurrency market is showing a spurt of development. The prices of BTC and ETH continue to climb to new highs. In addition, the Grayscale Fund, Tesla and other world-renowned traditional capital predators are entering the market. The public is unprecedentedly enthusiastic about cryptocurrency investment. After the DeFi fire in 2020, a large number of star coins such as YFI, UNI, SUSHI, etc. have been born. Everyone is thinking about the same question, that is, where will the next frontier of the blockchain industryRead More