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Wednesday, December 16th, 2020


The Big Black Book of Business

WASHINGTON, December 16th, 2020, ZEXPRWIRE, My name is William Michael Cunningham and I am the author of The JOBS Act: Crowdfunding Guide to Small Businesses and Startups, published in 2016, and now, author of The Big Black Book of Business, How Minority and Women-owned firms Can Succeed in the Current Environment. I am writing this book because, as a result of COVID, Black firms declined by 41% from Feb., 2020  to April, 2020. Latinx firms fell by 32%. Asian firms fell by 26%. This comes after the decline in Black wealth caused by theRead More

Norilsk Nickel’s fight against sulphur dioxide emissions and other kinds of pollution, its actions to protect the environment

In October Norilsk Nickel’s management stated that pollution control, environmental protection and fight against sulphur dioxide emissions remain among the company’s top priorities. Not only Norilsk but the whole world suffers from bad ecology and environmental damage regularly. That’s why it’s important that the industrial enterprise pays attention to environmental issues. The projects of Norilsk Nickel aimed to keep the environment from pollution Nornickel implements different projects devoted to ecology and nature preservation both locally and globally and provides financial support and assistance to those who actively fight against pollution.Read More

Meet the Goblin6x6, the 1/1 Custom Turbo Diesel Jeep with 700 ft/lb of torque.

Los Angeles, California, USA, December 16th, 2020, ZEXPRWIRE, Ever cruise down Hollywood Drive and see a Lamborghini or two? Yes, we all love Lambo’s but have you ever seen a 6×6 Turbo Diesel Jeep with 700 ft/lb torque? Well wait no more because there’s one going around Los Angeles showing casing it’s massive beauty, engineering, & how in a zombie apocalypse we’re all screwed with out one. A Goblin 6×6has been spotted multiple times cruising down the streets of Los Angeles,so we’ve decided to look into this Apocalypse made vehicle. WeRead More

Fido Merchant Services hires US CEO in the next phase of its development plan

YORK, ENGLAND, December, 16th, 2020, ZEXPRWIRE, USA Fintech industry veteran joins Fido merchant Services as it expands to take on the North American market. Fido Finance Ltd d/b/a Fido Merchant Services, a UK based Payments Gateway and Online Merchant account provider, has started its expansion to the USA and North America. Fido Merchant services have proven to be a lifeline for many, from the already established medium to higher risk merchants who wanted a more secure payments processing solution, to the smaller brick and mortar stores who have made theRead More

What’s the highlight of DPL

Now the hot DPL LP liquidity mining can be said to occupy a large part of the current circle flow.From the first opening of mobile mining, we started to swipe the screen on the major media, and the circle of friends in the major communities has always maintained a general exposure rate.DPL, it can be said that actions have been continuous recently: first, the Dolphin Protocol consensus, the miners Union voted to close the USDT mine pool and the ETH mine pool, and now there is only one DPL-ETH mine pool left; almostRead More

The World’s First HashRate-standardized Mining Platform BitFuFu Launches on December 15th, 2020

Bitcoin Press Release: BitFuFu will launch the world’s first HashRate-standardized mining platform on 15th of December 2020, representing a huge evolution in the industry.   14th December 2020, Location – BitFuFu, the first HashRate-standardized mining platform in the world will provide users with HashRate-standardized cloud mining product services, and enable users to buy BTC with one-click ordering. Through Chaos Comes Order Today the cloud mining industry is piled up with service providers, and a huge variety of platforms. Pricing of HashRate contracts varies from platform to platform, and users are plagued by multipleRead More