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Thursday, December 10th, 2020


How does the CTC cultural tourism public chain build a digital cultural tourism credit system?

In 2020, the global tourism industry was hit hard by the new crown virus. In the first five months of this year, international travel stopped sharply increasing in April and May, and the number of international tourists dropped by nearly 60% year-on-year. The number of international tourists in the whole year may drop by 60% to 80% compared with 2019. Calculating with the median of 70%, the number of international tourists in 2020 will drop to 450 million. International tourism is expected to usher in a recovery in 2021. However,Read More

BBAY Expands Global Layout And Looks Forward To The Future

BBAY exchange is the world’s leading digital currency derivatives exchange. It supports a variety of digital currency contract transactions, and is committed to discovering high-quality innovative digital asset investment opportunities. By building a first-class platform and integrating high-quality assets, BBAY exchange provides safe and efficient trading services for the global digital asset enthusiasts. BBAY exchange adopts advanced distributed cluster architecture and micro service development mode, which has strong scalability and can support smooth and stable trading of 100 million level simultaneous online users. At the same time, BBAY provides aRead More