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Tuesday, December 8th, 2020


OPC—A Great Social Experiment

The OPC smart contract is open and transparent data, no trust/authorization, disintermediation, no barriers to participation, and high liquidity. With the all-round opening of the Internet around the world, financial services in DeFi are matched on a global scale and are no longer restricted by geographical limitations. The DeFi market is not only in the digital currency circle, it will drive the transformation of the entire financial world in the future! The emergence of the OPC token under the new generation of DeFi is another new boost for the DeFi marketRead More

Synbit uses synthetic assets to build a more comprehensive income market and volatility structure to boost the development of DeFi

With the momentum of liquidity mining getting stronger and stronger, DeFi is transforming traditional financial products into protocols at a hundred times faster. Decentralized trading platforms, stablecoins, decentralized lending and borrowing platforms, synthetic assets, and insurance products will all be decentralized, trustless and transparent in the decentralized network protocols. We believe that compared with traditional finance, DeFi has a more ambitious vision, that is to allow anyone to publicly own or trade any financial assets anywhere in the world. Because DeFi lacks some basic products and services, it is stillRead More