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Wednesday, November 25th, 2020


Introduction to Lucky Day

The International version of Lucky Day’s eco-app was launched on December 12 Lucky Day is a pan-community-based game ecology built with the efforts of blockchain technology. Through blockchain technology, high-quality game de velopers, game platforms and game players around the world are united to re shape the value hammer of the game industry, aiming to build a truly open, t ransparent and fun blockchain game kingdom. Two, Lucky Day game chain design principle and implementation method There are many giants in the game industry, and there are various risks, iRead More

Leading The Era Of ETH2.0, ETH Gene Creates A New Decentralized Interest System Ecology

Throughout the history of world civilization, mankind has experienced the agricultural revolution, industrial revolution, and information revolution successively. Every industrial technological revolution has had a huge and profound impact on human production and life. The 5000-year farming civilization and 300-year industrial civilization of mankind have become the past. When the wheel of history enters the 21st century, mankind has ushered in a new form of civilization-digital civilization, which is also called the post-industrial civilization era or the information era. Digital civilization has caused fundamental changes in the methods and conceptsRead More

HEBE International-We are determined to create a global chain that provide customers with professional skincare management

HEBE INT’L is hold by a listed company in Korean Exchange (KRX), it is one of a strategic alliance of Korean aesthetic industry giants, and a leading professional aesthetic company in Korea, China, and ASEAN. HEBE INT’L was established in 2016 in Gangnam, Seoul. It includes from skin health, cosmetics brands operation, aesthetics products education, cutting-edge aesthetic medical devices right through to beauty end users. HEBE Int‘l providing clients with high-quality treatments for their personal attractive appearance, with professional Korean dermatologists and therapists teams, The HEBE INT’L has becoming oneRead More

PokerStars exits the Asian market without warning, causing damage to the rights of Asian players

After its parent company PokerStars recently merged with British gaming giant Flutter Entertainment, the world’s largest online poker site PokerStars withdrew from the Asian market without warning and ignored the Asian version of players. PokerStars is the world’s largest online poker platform and has a large market share in Asia, especially China. 6UP is recognized as the exclusive partner of Asian PokerStars. Since 2019, The Stars Group’s subsidiaries PokerStars and 6UP have signed an agreement for their partnership in Asia. They officially launched an online poker platform. On September 1,Read More

First Global Press Conference of the Lotus Exchange – London Station, England

November 24, 2020 3:00 p.m, First “Lotus Exchange Global Press Conference-London Station, England” officially opened. Hosted by COIN UNION LIMITED, The Asian Block chain Association (ABS), the Australian Electronic Commerce Association (AECA), the Korean Block Chain Research and Education Institute (KBCI), the British Research Institute Coin Shares、 the British Investment Agency Passion Capital and other 100 industry associations and institutions, Net the core brand of the global decentralized exchange, Bringing together the core leaders of the Lotus Consensus community in 178 countries, Set up the upper, middle and lower tradingRead More