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Sunday, November 22nd, 2020


To Create a New Era of Digital Finance, PRC Reconstructs the Value of Financial Token Economy

The long-awaited bull market in bitcoin and recent signs that a large number of corporate and institutional have invested most of their savings in Bitcoin indicate that the development of a mainstream cryptocurrency market is accelerating. Bitcoin broke through the shackles of traditional finance and opened the door to digital finance. After decades of thriving, it has formed a decentralized, open and transparent digital financial ecosystem with blockchain technology as the core and has become a challenge to the traditional financial system. Based on this development, both the payment industry and the blockchainRead More

Three Leading Companies Invested Millions in Bitcoin This Year, Here Is Why

Bitcoin experienced one of its most volatile years, dropping to $3,800 in March and rising to its old highs of $18,000 only eight months later, prices which we have not seen in years. Consequently, the price action attracted a variety of important figures and successful companies who have invested in the swiftly growing digital asset. These new investors include some of the most widely spread companies in the world such as MicroStrategy, Square, and Grayscale. With dozens of millions in Bitcoin investments, these entities have publicly shared their faith inRead More