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World’s 1st DeFi Metaverse Index Fund with Yield

Singapore, 18 Sep 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, DAOventures is launching Metaverse Farmer on September 17th, the world’s 1st DeFi Metaverse Index Fund with Yield that helps investors profit from NFT and crypto game trends. Index funds are traditionally a popular investment option for those looking for portfolio exposure to a broad asset class or sector. This index fund product from DAOventures however, is built entirely on-chain, and also takes advantage of DeFi innovations for additional yields. Introducing The World’s 1st DeFi Metaverse Index Fund with Yield The DAOventures Metaverse Farmer (MVF) isRead More

New Option for Accelerating Healing in Antibiotic Resistant Skin Infections

Complementary Holistic Health Product Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Sep 18, 2021 ( – NEW OPTION FOR ANTIBIOTIC SKIN INFECTIONS An all-natural proprietary solution has shown promise in complementary medical applications. Topically applied solution ‘SVR’ accelerates complete healing in MRSA and Multidrug-resistant Pseudomonas aeruginosa skin infections. The 2019 CDC Antibiotic Resistance Threat Report documents concerns about rising antibiotic-resistant infections. More people are at risk, making spread difficult to identify and contain while threatening patient healthcare outcomes. Anaiis Salles, founder of Sourced Solutions and product innovator of ‘SVR’ said ‘According to the 2019 CDCRead More

New Tik-Tok channel explores humanity through unique lens

New York City, New York Sep 18, 2021 ( – In the depth and breadth of the modern social media landscape, even the most unique and bold views can sometimes be drowned out, but with Swiss-born author and voice-over artist Tarek Alduaij’s newest endeavor, he is poised to become a clarion voice that stands above the typical chatter. Launching a channel on TikTok in August, Alduaij has already tackled a wide variety of topics in an interview format from his home in Kuwait. “I am open to almost any topicRead More

New in crypto investment? Let’s get started with Bit.Store where it only takes 3 steps to get cryptos

Investing in digital currency has become a trend With the new record Bitcoin (BTC) price reached earlier this year and the wave of price surge of DOGE and SHIB led by Elon Musk, digital currency has gradually attracted outsiders. It has become one of the major topics in global investment trend. Players including Facebook, national-level digital currencies, commercial companies, tournament games, Tesla, etc. have all begun to get involved in digital currencies. Although BTC has fallen from the highest price of $64,000, in fact, many users’ enthusiasm for BTC orRead More

Is TurboMerce Better Than Door Dash, Uber Eats, – Grub Hub?

TurboMerce Sandy Springs, Georgia Sep 18, 2021 ( – “Not in any way”, says the owner. “We are in no competition with these companies. In fact, our services are listed on these popular sites”, replied. “You can place your order through them if you are in the Roswell area. For all other areas place your order directly through the site”. After conducting a full inspection of the business and counterparts associated with it I came to a firm conclusion. TurboMerce is a gas station, of sorts. Obsessed with not havingRead More

Alex Catrambone Surprises Fans With Backwoods – Heartbreaks Deluxe

Mantua, New Jersey Sep 18, 2021 ( – In March of 2019, the versatile Alex Catrambone released his debut album entitled Backwoods & Heartbreaks. From storytelling and relatable lyrics to pop beats and crazy melodies, this album caught the eyes of hundreds of thousands of people very quickly. Catrambone’s music is unique because his genre blends so effortlessly and his energy is unmatched. Flash forward to 2021 and Alex Catrambone is putting up bigger numbers than ever. In his newest single, “Pop Who Is This?”, he teased at a BackwoodsRead More

Professor Showcases New Nikola Tesla Electric ‘Death-Beam’ with the capacity to kill at a distance of 500 km

His Invention is Powerful Enough to Destroy Planes from Hundreds of Kilometers Away. Tokyo, Japan Sep 18, 2021 ( – Professor Cheok at iUniversity Tokyo and Nikola Tesla Technologies Corporation have developed a weapon that was invented by Nikola Tesla but had never been developed before his passing away, until today. The Apparatus Will Kill Without Trace Nikola Tesla, the father of modern methods of generation and distribution of electrical energy, invented the device when he was 78 but passed away before he could develop a working prototype. After moreRead More

Boston Artist, Klark Songs, Dives Into His Stand Out Single

Boston, Massachusetts Sep 18, 2021 ( – “My Music Sucks has a very special place in my heart. I was watching Downfalls High, the music video movie that Machine Gun Kelly made for his Tickets to My Downfall album, and was instantly inspired. I had an instrumental that this Italian producer named Tofu sent me, and I knew that I wanted to make an alternative song paying homage to MGK’s new style. It only took me an hour or two to write. I felt like lately, since people found outRead More

Pushing through pandemic challenges, Black New Jersey resident strives to keep others healthy

Even COVID-19 could not stop this single mother of four in her quest to share the benefits of an often overlooked key to better health Montclair, New Jersey Sep 18, 2021 ( – Not even a global pandemic could stop one Black New Jersey resident from accomplishing her dream of helping people across the nation find their best health. Those that know her are likely to say Tami C. Gaines is not the type of person to quit, so as the global COVID-19 pandemic took hold it was no surpriseRead More

New Arthritis Consumer Experts National Survey Looks at Arthritis Self-Advocacy

Survey reveals how well arthritis consumers understand their disease, where they go to learn about treatment and care, and challenges of self-advocacy Vancouver, British Columbia Sep 18, 2021 ( – Arthritis Consumer Experts (ACE) today released the results of a National Survey on Arthritis Self-Advocacy that measures Canadian patients’ understanding of their disease, where they go to learn about treatment and care, and how they go about self-advocating for what they need. ACE’s latest national survey findings also uncover inequities and gaps in arthritis self-advocacy in Canada – who isRead More