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‘Deposit to List’ on XT.COM Exchange — Free Listing

On February 20, 2021, the market cap of BTC surpassed $1 trillion, only second to AMAZON which is ranked fifth in the world by market value. Its maximum price was up to $58,000. The booming of the blockchain industry is not only making the whole market increasingly popular, but also attracting a sea of outsiders to join. While, there is something unpleasant: as issuers of tokens, quite quality projects cannot join in this carnival due to the sky-high listing fee. Judging from the current situation, the listing fee remains surprisinglyRead More

Bitget APP product upgrade, Lite version added

According to the news, Bitget has recently completed a series of product upgrade, adding the one-click reversal, real-time tracking and other product features, aimed to offer brand new user experience and more professional services. The latest product has a lite version aiming at contract users, and they can switch version mode according to their own need. Lite version is relative to the pro version, the interface is more simple and intuitive, candlestick is much more clear, and users just need to enter the price and contract amount to open long or open short.Read More

Manufacturing In China? How Crowd Funding Startups Increase Profits By Working Less

China Sourcing Agent Saves Crowd Funding Startups Time And Money  Hong Kong, 25th February 2021, ZEXPRWIRE – New program for crowdfunding startups makes it easier to produce working prototypes and manufacture quality products in China.  While China provides a solid infrastructure for creating prototypes for new products  and manufacturing at a low cost, startups with little or no experience face many  obstacles.   Launching a new product idea in the market with minimal investment is a minefield  even for experienced manufacturers. Trying to manufacture in a big country like  China canRead More

MSD DEFI Platform Release Its TRON Smart Contract on March

California, United States, 25th February 2021, ZEXPRWIRE – The Most sustainable and fully DECENTRALIZED 100% TRON support model , The MSD Smart Contract is designed to provide everyone with an independent, financial foundation based on Blockchain and Smart Contract technology.  By DEPOSITING TRX into the fund (contract address) you activate the program and will 5-11% daily profit FOREVER, distributed accordingly to the Contract algorithm. MSD is 100% decentralized and community-based, it is a P2P support model which insures fairness, transparency and justice for all. There are no mediators or intermediaries,Read More

Building a Social Media Network with Chase Franz

United States, 25th February 2021, ZEXPRWIRE – 17-year-old social media entrepreneur Chase Franz has taken Instagram by storm in recent years. He has been able to do this through his extensive knowledge of the algorithm and creative business model. When building and operating any business in the 21st century, marketing through social media is a necessity. Chase has been able to assist numerous businesses in running pages and growing audiences organically using his strategies.  He specializes in growth through the explore page which is the primary source of organic reachRead More

The plant-based startup that plans to unify the industry by making the switch to plant-based more attainable (and fun)

United States, 25th February 2021, ZEXPRWIRE – Two young entrepreneurs from Los Angeles, California, Kelly Rocklein (CEO) and Shane Murphy (President), will launch a plant-based grocery startup, called Rootly, starting January 1st of 2021. The two bootstrappers have built a business through the heart of the pandemic that will ship 12-full sized, plant-based grocery products to your doorstep each month. Their boxes will feature fan-favorites as well as up-and-coming, small businesses. “We are pushing forward a movement we have lovingly called, Plant-Forward,” says CEO and Co-Founder, Kelly Rocklein. “(Plant-Forward) isRead More

DAcoin’s full ecological chain exchange is officially launched, creating a world-class blockchain asset trading platform

The emergence of electric lights broke the convenience of light; the emergence of spacecraft broke the boundaries of space; the emergence of the Internet broke the boundaries of information; and the emergence of blockchain broke the boundaries of value. Technology makes borderlessness possible. Dacoin, the world’s first borderless on-chain transaction platform, will realize borderless value exchange with cutting-edge information technologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, cloud services, big data, and 5G. Dacoin is the world’s first public chain platform for digital asset trading on the borderless chain. It is establishedRead More

8th Grade Prospect Ryan Lutness Taking Middle school basketball by storm

United States, 23rd February 2021, ZEXPRWIRE – Prospect Ryan Lutness class of 2025 has been making big waves in the basketball scene. His skills are similar to players like Kyrie Irving and Jamal Murray. Ryan Lutness has developed a consistent jump shot and has the ball on a string, while also possessing great facilitating capabilities. He can score when he wants and set the team up to score. Ryan Lutness has a great base to build upon in his highschool career. He will most likely continue to attend Garnet ValleyRead More

Announcement : SoterOne’s official website is LIVE!

We are stepping into the era of data intelligence. In this era, we are enjoying the convenience brought by big data while facing the huge risk of privacy leakage. To solve this problem, SoterOne, which focuses on data privacy protection, takes advantage of this trend. SoterOne is an innovative blockchain platform based on machine learning (ML),  multi-party secure computing (MPC), and differential privacy protection (DP) for user privacy protection and data federation. SoterOne’s website is officially launched globally on February 23, 2021! SoterOne has developed different series of data applicationsRead More

“The Homestretch w/Adrian Duran‪t” podcast

United States, 22nd February 2021, ZEXPRWIRE – Join Olympic and College Head Track & Field Coach Adrian Durant as he interviews Track & Field stars from around the globe. Learn about their journeys to the top and all of the trials and tribulations that they had to endure and overcome. Experience these tales of triumph and learn what it really takes to win. Join us today Where World Champions, Olympians, and other amazing individuals talk about their relentless pursuit of success. Listen now: Click Here for Apple Podcast The postRead More