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How Dallas based Atlantic RCM Increased the Average Monthly Collection by 50% for a Healthcare Center

Dallas, TX – Atlantic RCM has announced yet another success story as it has increased a healthcare center’s average monthly collection by 50%. The company’s spokesperson, making the announcement, noted that the client, a renowned Behavioral and Rehab center in Florida, was badly hit by a severe cash crunch on top of ineffective and outdated revenue cycle systems and processes. To solve the problem, Atlantic RCM first identified the problems, their extent, and how to address them individually and collectively. The team identified the major challenges faced by the clientRead More

New NFT Project No Brainers Will Be Donating Up To $120,000 To A Mental Health Charity Chosen By Their Community

Canada – Similar to how Bitcoin revolutionized the concept of currency, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are revolutionizing collectibles. In contrast to cryptocurrency, NFTs are “one-of-a-kind” intangible assets in the digital world that can be purchased and sold similar to any piece of property. NFTs could be an original version of an artwork or a digital image, a brain mapped into an AI, or any other digital item. Currently, many NFTs are focused on digital art and files that can be tokenized to create a digital certificate of ownership that can beRead More

Enjoy a lasting smile with Allure Dental Cosmetic Dentistry and Dental Implants in Lafayette, IN

Lafayette, IN – The cosmetic dental services at Allure Dental are carefully delivered to style the patient’s smile. Their three top treatments are Dental Implants, Invisalign, and Smile Makeover. Dental implants help restore the smile by adding vibrancy and functionality. Guided implant technology and the advanced i-CATTM 3-D imaging technology are utilized during the placement to enhance treatment accuracy. Patients visiting Allure Dental also get a transformative smile makeover designed to improve unsightly or uneven teeth. Allure Dental has a long-term mission to provide lasting clinical outcomes to help patientsRead More

CMS WORLD ENTERPRISE Offering Face Reading Courses to Employers

Malaysia – CMS WORLD ENTERPRISE has rolled out its face reading physiognomy course to interested people, especially in the business world. The face reading courses are designed to be comprehensive and give business owners, CEOs, founders, and friends leverage in the business and social scene. Upon completing the face reading course, participants will be able to communicate with others better, manage expectations, and know what to expect from different people. Describing the essence of this course for business owners, founders, and CEOs, the company representative said: “Business is about people.Read More

Cash Home Buyers Georgia Expands Into All Georgia Markets Enabling Homeowners To Sell Their Homes Quickly and Efficiently

Atlanta, Georgia – Cash Home Buyers Georgia, headed by Andy and Liz, buys houses in all of Georgia’s counties, including Fulton and Gwinnett. The tech grads give cash for properties anywhere in Georgia and are dedicated real estate investors in the region. This small team of two does everything from acquiring properties and overseeing renovations to marketing and keeping their website up to date. The Georgia home buyers undertake all of the legwork and often make larger cash offers due to less overhead. They keep their margins modest and workRead More

Alamo Door & Gates is the Reliable, Efficient, and Affordable Garage Door Repair Company in Arlington, TX

Arlington, TX – Since setting up shop over two decades ago, Alamo Door & Gates has established itself as the premier provider of garage door repair services in Arlington, TX. The company is fully licensed and insured to offer a wide range of garage door services in the area. Being family-owned and operated, Alamo Door & Gates holds certain family values dear, making them the gate repair company of choice for many residents of Arlington. Over the years, the company name has become synonymous with reliability and efficiency because ofRead More

New Website Launched To Help Electric Car Owners Can Find The Most Suitable EV Battery Charger For Their Home or Workplace

Cheadle, Greater Manchester, UK – electric car owners who wish to have an EV battery charger installed either at their home or at their workplace have two questions to answer before proceeding: 1 – which EV charger they should choose to buy 2 – are they dealing with an electrician who is used to safely installing home EV chargers Electric-Call Ltd can help the car owner solve both of those problems as they have recently launched a website dedicated to helping electric car owners choose the best home EV chargerRead More

Progressive Sports And Spinal Physiotherapy, a Penrith Physio, is Offering Exclusive Therapy Services in Jamisontown, NSW

Jamisontown, NSW: Progressive Sports And Spinal Physiotherapy offers different therapy services to a wide range of patients. The Penrith Physio provides customised treatments for patients – from those suffering from chronic pain to those recovering from sports injuries. In addition to the wide range of services, the NDIS approved physiotherapy clinic is home to experienced and qualified professionals who know how to treat and deal with various conditions. For patients looking for a physio near Penrith, Progressive Sports And Spinal Physiotherapy are experts at providing personalised physiotherapy. Their staff areRead More

The Socal Law Network, a DUI Attorney, Represents Individuals with DUI Charges in Laguna Hills, CA

Laguna Hills, CA – Driving under the influence is one of the most common crimes in California. While driving under the influence of alcohol and driving under the influence of drugs are separate crimes, the state treats them similarly when it comes to penalties, legal consequences, and court proceedings. Individuals who have been accused of DUI in Laguna Hills need The Socal Law Network, a criminal defense attorney that also focuses on DUI defense. The Socal Law Network comprises a team of attorneys with over 50years of combined experience offeringRead More

SAMODRA Offers Variety as Bidets Become More Popular Following COVID-19

SAMODRA, owned by Xiamen Hengyi Technology Co., Ltd, is a brand dedicated to providing consumer-oriented products that improve the quality of users’ lives. They are constantly improving on the design, quality, and user experience to ensure maximum satisfaction. Consumers who choose their bidets, especially as the demand for the product has risen with the COVID-19 pandemic, are guaranteed a quality and satisfactory experience. SAMODRA has been making and promoting bidets all through the way. However, it took the COVID-19 pandemic for many consumers in the United States and worldwide toRead More