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Automotive Technician Hiring Expert Reveals Key Flaws in Most Help Wanted Ads

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Oceanside, CA – Christopher T. Lawson (Chris), a renowned expert in hiring automotive technicians, joined Martin Morgan on the Busy Bays Podcast to share invaluable advice on how to attract, hire and retain good automotive technicians.

In the quest to recruit experienced automotive technicians, many independent repair shops often wonder why their traditional recruitment ads don’t work and this podcast interview has answers.

In the podcast episode, Martin and Chris dive into why standout ads are key to success. One of the key points made by Lawson is the pivotal role of unique, engaging ads in recruitment. Lawson said, “In recruitment, standing out is imperative.” The days of standard job requirement listings and boring job descriptions are gone. Instead, Lawson suggests, “Your ad should narrate a compelling story about your shop, where the technician is the hero and you are the guide.”

These ads should paint a vivid picture highlighting the vibrancy of the shop’s culture, values, and role in the community. The ads should also explain how the daily tasks that technicians undertake contribute to this exciting vision for the future. Mentioning these types of unique attributes of the shop can set it apart in the competitive market.

Revitalize Mission and Vision Statements: Traditional mission and vision statements that lack a compelling “why” won’t resonate with potential hires. Lawson emphasizes the importance of illustrating not just what the shop does but its profound reason for doing so. By connecting with potential recruits emotionally, it’s possible to underscore the value and significance of their role in the shop.

Discover What Makes the Shop Unique: Lawson proposes a significant question every shop owner should ask: “Why would someone drive past 3 other shops to reach yours?” This question pushes owners to highlight the uniqueness of their shop, be it cutting-edge equipment, superior customer service, or pioneering repair techniques.

Unconventional Techniques to Enhance Responses: In a notable revelation, Lawson advocates for ditching the initial requirement for resumes. As many seasoned automotive technicians may not have an updated resume, this mandate can be a deterrent. Instead, he advises, “Provide a mobile number in your ads,” spurring potential hires to initiate a conversation via text, potentially boosting response rates by an impressive 20%.

Creating Genuine Connections: To truly understand prospective automotive technicians, Lawson suggests asking about their motivations for seeking new opportunities. “By pinpointing pain points and showcasing how your shop can alleviate them,” says Lawson, “you can foster deeper, more meaningful connections.”

Efficient, Hassle-free Hiring Conversations: Lawson urges shops to diversify communication channels, offering potential hires a choice, whether it’s via email, phone, direct messaging, or even in-person resume drop-offs. This multi-pronged approach facilitates easier and quicker hiring interactions.

In the ever-evolving automotive industry, a dynamic approach to recruitment is indispensable. As Chris Lawson succinctly puts it: “Hiring is a numbers game, akin to keeping an eye on car count.”

For those who are interested in a deeper dive into these groundbreaking strategies, the full podcast, packed with expert advice and additional insights, is available on the website.

Harness the knowledge and begin the journey to assembling a top-tier automotive technician team today.

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