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Saturday, December 23rd, 2023


E-network approaches various new utilities to change the narratives of Web3 technology.

Munster, Germany, 24rd Dec 2023 – E-network is a pioneering web3 company. In the latest development, the company has announced the launch of a transforming suite of products and services designed to transform the landscape of decentralized applications (dApps). The company’s flagship product, Enetwallet, leads the charge as a non-custodial wallet supporting EVM-compatible blockchains, integrating seamlessly with various social media platforms and featuring an AI Support to simplify the user experience with Account Abstraction (AA) wallets. E-network’s mission is to provide a superior web3 experience, reimagining investment perspectives and empoweringRead More

Crypticorn Launches an AI-Powered Ecosystem, Leading the Future of Investors in the Crypto Market.

Bukit timah, Singapore, 24rd Dec 2023 – Crpticorn has established itself as a platform set to disrupt the crypto market with an AI-powered ecosystem. The company uses cutting-edge artificial intelligence and offers a comprehensive package of services to help traders manage the complexity of the crypto market, including AI-driven price predictions, automated trading bots, and sentiment analysis.   “AI will change how we communicate, google, work, and even how everyone will be trading stocks and cryptocurrencies,” said Johannes, CEO of Crypticorn. “Our AI-powered ecosystem, which is based on unique cryptoRead More

Megabot Introduces Automated Trading Solution for ERC20 Projects

London, England, United Kingdom, 23rd Dec 2023 – Megabot, an automated trading bot, has offered users a hassle-free way to interact with AI algorithms designed to navigate the complexities of ERC20 projects. By employing a smart alert system, Megabot is adept at automatically sniping and trading while sidestepping potential risks such as honeypots, rugs, and slow rugs. Users holding Megabot coins gain access to the Megabot trading bot, providing them with the opportunity to experience trade without the need for daily monitoring on platforms like Dextools. Megabot has recently launchedRead More

Santa’s Top Altcoin Picks… Yep You Heard It Right.

–News Direct– Crypto predictions are notoriously difficult and often wildly inaccurate, especially given the multitude of so-called experts and pundits who claim to be able to see the future with their complex charts and trading strategies. But if theres one man in the world who might actually know what the exact price of Bitcoin is going to be in Q1 2024, its the man with the long beard and a funny suit. No, not Charles Hoskinson! The other man with a beard and a funny suit the one who livesRead More


   Australia, 23rd Dec 2023, King NewsWire  FollowTheX, an exhilarating new gaming channel, has burst onto the scene, helmed by the dynamic Bunny. This channel promises a captivating experience for gaming enthusiasts worldwide, delivering reviews, discussions, and engaging reactions to the latest in the gaming universe. Alok Khanna aka Bunny, the visionary behind FollowTheX, brings a wealth of expertise and passion for gaming to the forefront. With an impressive background steeped in gaming culture, Alok is set to revolutionize the streaming landscape with his unique insights and charismatic presence. WhatRead More

Daewoo Power Products Unveils Cutting-Edge Pressure Washer Models for Pakistan Market

When we talk about Daewoo, innovation, and quality come to mind – they are back with new and advanced pressure washer models that have brought a shift to the market. These pressure washers are equipped with the latest features and technology that will provide you ease in your daily life. Let’s head into some of the features and talk about the new pressure washer lineup that is the modern cleaning solution. Cutting-edge Pressure Washer Models  Daewoo Power Products launch unveiled some of the latest pressure washer models, let’s take aRead More

AI Death Calculator Life2vec: Countdown to Your Fate!

–News Direct– Introduction: Embrace the Power of AI in Life Estimation In the modern world of digital innovation, the AI Death Calculator Life2vec emerges as a groundbreaking application, revolutionizing how we understand and approach our life expectancy. This AI tool is more than just a predictor; it's a mirror reflecting the possible future of our health and longevity, based on our current lifestyle choices. With its advanced algorithms and extensive data analysis, Life2vec isn't only predicting; it's informing and guiding. AI Death Calculator Life2vec: Countdown to Your Fate! AI DeathRead More


Weight On It the Album to Release 2024 Memphis, Tennessee Jan 1, 2024 ( – Watch However It Go Music Video Available Now! Fayro, the rising star in the music industry, is making a grand entrance into 2024 with the release of his mesmerizing music video, “However It Go,” released today. This visually stunning masterpiece takes viewers on a captivating journey into Fayro’s world of creativity and passion, setting the stage for the highly anticipated release of his album “Weight On It,” fully produced by Cymphani Cyrine. “However It Go”Read More

Phoenix Group Reinforces Its Tech and Web3 Portfolio with Strategic Investment in Lyvely

ABU DHABI, UAE – Dec 23, 2023 – (SeaPRwire) – Phoenix Group PLC, a global blockchain powerhouse, today takes center stage in the burgeoning tech and Web3 landscape with a strategic investment in Lyvely, a UAE-based platform poised to reshape how creators and consumers interact and monetize online. This move solidifies Phoenix’s commitment to driving innovation at the forefront of the digital revolution, empowering creators and redefining the future of social interaction. With Phoenix’s investment, Lyvely’s revolutionary platform leaps beyond the confines of e-commerce, fostering direct-to-consumer relationships through a uniqueRead More

Global MLM Santa brings festive discounts for entrepreneurs around the world to reinvent their MLM business.

This Christmas season, Unwrap the true gift of automation with Global MLM software. Get up to 30% off on all software solutions and transform your business. Experience immense growth in your business this new year and rediscover joy. Miami, Florida Dec 23, 2023 ( – Now businesses from around the world can rejoice with exciting discount offers from Global MLM Solutions, the Gold standard in MLM software. Get up to 30% off on expert MLM software solutions and unlock the full potential of your MLM business. The offer covers allRead More