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Sunday, May 21st, 2023


DTC: Revolutionizing Memecoins and Dominating the Crypto Space!

London, United Kingdom, 21st May 2023 – Introducing DTC, the groundbreaking cryptocurrency project that’s set to revolutionize memecoins and dominate the entire crypto space! With a vision to become the alpha in the world of digital currencies, DTC combines cutting-edge AI utilities, NFTs, and more to create an unparalleled user experience. This project is on the rise with impressive achievements like raising a staggering 600 BNB on PinkSale, extensive global marketing efforts, and partnerships with industry leaders like DTC Group. Join the DTC rev Unleashing the DTC Advantage DTC setsRead More

Fastest Growing WEB3 SocialFi Pop Successfully Unveils at Consensus 2023

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 21st May 2023 – Pop, the pioneering Web3 gateway, has set its sights on onboarding the next billion users to the decentralized web, fostering a thriving creator economy. At the prestigious Consensus 2023 conference, where over 15,000 participants from 112 countries and 500 speakers gathered, Pop’s presence in the Pop zone attracted more than 11,000 engaged visitors. Pop’s mission to empower creators and users by enabling ownership of content is aimed at making fair profit-sharing within the creator economy. Through harnessing the potential of the contentRead More

Introducing POPOLOGY(R) Revolutionizing the Way We Measure Popular

POPOLOGY(R) is proud to unveil its revolutionary platform, leveraging blockchain technology to redefine and quantify the true measure of popular, by and for the people. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania May 21, 2023 ( – Introducing POPOLOGY(R) Revolutionizing the Way We Measure Popular In a world where the concept of “popular” is often misunderstood and misinterpreted, a groundbreaking solution has emerged to address the global crisis of social condence in a collaborative and individual workspace identifying “true popular”. POPOLOGY(R) is proud to unveil its revolutionary platform, leveraging blockchain technology to redene and quantifytheRead More

2023 IPO Analysis – Bache Standard Capital

The IPO market has seen exceptional growth over the last few years with some big companies such as AirBnb, Coinbase & Rivian all having an initial public offering. Hong Kong, Hong Kong S.A.R. May 21, 2023 ( – The Bache Standard Capital analysts have been attending meetings throughout the first quarter to discuss the potential of IPOs in 2023 and which companies are top of the list. After many hours debating the team at Bache have come to the conclusion that, this year is shaping up to show excellent growthRead More

MOUNTAIN MADE, a WNC Art Gallery to Host Live Art Demo with Stained Glass Artist Kathy Goldstein

Memorial Day Weekend, MOUNTAIN MADE, an art gallery in downtown Asheville NC will host a live art demonstration by local Western North Carolina stained glass artist Kathy Goldstein. Asheville, North Carolina May 21, 2023 ( – MOUNTAIN MADE Art Gallery, Asheville, North Carolina ( This Memorial Day weekend, MOUNTAIN MADE is hosting an exclusive live art event featuring the esteemed Stained Glass Artist Kathy Goldstein. Scheduled for Saturday, May 27, 2023, from 12 PM to 3 PM, this event promises to be an extraordinary artistic experience for the local communityRead More

Beasen Home: Revolutionizing Light Control with Innovative Motorized Window Blind Solutions

Alden, New York May 21, 2023 ( – Beasen Home, a leading brand in the home automation industry, is shaping the future of home comfort with their advanced, convenient, and intelligent window blind systems. Since 2010, Beasen Home has been at the forefront of technological innovation, providing elegantly simple solutions to control natural light entering the home. “Light is one of the most fundamental elements of life. We provide our customers with full control over how and when it enters their homes,” says the founder of Beasen Home. “Our missionRead More

OK Rehab Embraces Brain Health Approach to Addiction Treatment, Backed by UCLA Health Study

London, United Kingdom May 21, 2023 ( – OK Rehab, a renowned addiction treatment centre, is proud to announce its adoption of a groundbreaking brain health approach to addiction treatment, inspired by a recent study conducted by UCLA Health. The study, titled “Taking a Brain Health Approach to Addiction Treatment,” highlights the significance of integrating neuroscience principles into addiction recovery programs. OK Rehab is committed to implementing these cutting-edge findings to further enhance its treatment protocols and improve patient outcomes. The UCLA Health study explores the emerging field of neurobiologyRead More

Rehab Recovery Responds to Government’s Efforts to Tackle Monkey Dust Epidemic

London, United Kingdom May 21, 2023 ( – Rehab Recovery, a leading addiction treatment provider, stands in support of the government’s proactive approach to address the rising concern of the “monkey dust” epidemic. As the nation grapples with the devastating consequences of this dangerous substance, Rehab Recovery reaffirms its commitment to providing comprehensive addiction treatment services to individuals affected by this crisis. The government’s recent announcement, seeking advice on monkey dust, signifies a significant step towards combating the alarming spread of this synthetic drug. Monkey dust, scientifically known as MDPV,Read More

Discover the Secrets to Conquering Math Word Problems: ‘Math is Not Magic’ by Jerry Knoelke

Master Math Word Problems with ‘Math is Not Magic’ by Jerry Knoelke: Your Path to Problem-Solving Success! St. Louis, Missouri May 21, 2023 ( – The Book, “Math is Not Magic: Solve Your Math Word Problems,” provides a fresh and practical approach to math learning. Many students find math word problems to be a daunting and challenging subject that can negatively impact their confidence. Fortunately, a new book, “Math is Not Magic: Solve Your Math Word Problems,” written by acclaimed author and mathematician Jerry Knoelke, offers a new and practicalRead More

Affordable and Professional – Carpet Cleaning Auckland

Auckland, North Island, 21st May 2023, ZEX PR WIRE, Welcome to ABC Carpet Cleaning Auckland. We are the affordable carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning business. We have been operating throughout Auckland, for over 15 years, and we have built up a great track record, with many happy clients. Some of the things we clean include couches, rugs, matresses, dining room chairs, boat seats, vehicle upholstery including roof linings, material on door panels. Also vehicle carpets. You would be amazed at how many different types of rugs there are as well asRead More