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Sunday, March 19th, 2023


Entrepreneur Shereena Delgado Helps Young Girls Develop Confidence Through Modeling Academy

White Plains, New York Mar 19, 2023 ( – Serial Entrepreneur and Social Media Influencer Shereena Delgado announced today that she is seeking to help young girls develop confidence through modeling and mentorship via her Modeling Academy “Straight Walk Runway“. Aware of the challenges that many young girls face when it comes to confidence and self-esteem, Delgado is committed to using her expertise in the modeling industry and her Christian faith to empower young girls to become confident, successful women. According to Delgado, modeling can be a powerful tool toRead More

Renowned Artist Yuechen Guan Explores Traditional Chinese Dance in New Photographic Series

Renowned Artist Yuechen Guan Explores Traditional Chinese Dance in New Photographic Series New York, New York, United States, 19th Mar 2023, King NewsWire – Yuechen Guan, also known as Zona, is an incredible artist in New York and Shanghai. With a diverse background in various artistic disciplines, Zona’s passion for the arts began very early. She has gained recognition for her photography, painting, acting, dance, and music work. Her recent series of photographs, Juxtapose, explores the intersection of traditional Chinese dance and modern culture. She co-founded 1M Creative, a mission-drivenRead More

Regain your confidence with Hair Club, We help you recover your hair with natural looking hairline using Non-Surgical Methods

Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan, 19th Mar 2023, King NewsWire – Hair Club is the leading hair replacement service provider in Pakistan. We provide the latest and most advanced undetectable hair wigs, hair units and other solutions to our customers, so they can look their best. Our team of experienced and knowledgeable professionals is committed to providing you with the highest quality products and services. We understand that your hair is an important part of your identity and we strive to ensure that you feel confident in your own skin. With ourRead More

Art world still buzzing over Ukrainian artist Emmanuel Snitkovsky’s “Kidnapping of Europa” artwork collection auction

A substantial portion of the Snitkovsky art collection proceeds will go to Ukraine’s reconstruction efforts following the Russian invasion Palm Springs, California Mar 19, 2023 ( – It isn’t often that one of the great artwork collections of the 20th century is put up for sale. Yet, recent news of Emmanuel Snitkovsky’s iconic “Kidnapping of Europa” artwork collection officially being for sale continues to reverberate throughout the art world. Abduction of Europa paintings and sculpture series presented by Jose Mauricio MendozaThe collection consists of multiple paintings and a sculpture, whichRead More

Short-Term Rental Insurance | Vacation Home & Vrbo Property Coverage Updated

As part of its expanded coverage plans, Proper Insurance offers policies designed to ensure protection from intentional damage caused by renters, such as fire, vandalism, or theft. This type of coverage comprehensively protects a short-term rental property that a homeowners’ or landlord’s insurance plan fails to address. More information is available at Following the announcement, Proper Insurance now offers short-term rental owners a specialized insurance policy that covers unique risks associated with vacation rental businesses. “Most owners of short-term rental properties are not aware their homeowners or landlord insuranceRead More

Huntington 24/7 Flatbed & Wheel-Lift Towing, Breakdown Assistance Service Update

Following the recent move, Huntington Towing Services offers 24/7 light-, medium-, and heavy-duty towing services for motorcycles, cars, boats, and RVs. The company also provides roadside assistance to individuals and businesses that are in vehicle-related binds. More details can be found at In terms of towing, Huntington Towing Services offers both wheel-lift and flatbed towing options. Wheel-lift towing is generally used to tow smaller and lighter vehicles, whereas flatbed towing is used to transport larger and heavier vehicles, vehicles with low ground clearance, and significantly damaged vehicles. As partRead More

UU.Game gives clients fun time and unexpected fortune

UU.Game gives clients fun time and unexpected fortune Gozo and Comino, Malta Mar 19, 2023 ( – UU.Game is an online casino where customers can use crypto and fiat currencies to play games. Not only it gives enjoyment and excitement, but also users may have a big fortune on the platform. already has experience in the industry for quite some time, which is why they know the customers’ needs and wants. Apart from cash flow, the company pays high attention to the satisfaction of customers all the time. UU.GameRead More

DFW Lawn Care & Pre-Emergent Weed Control Updated Pricing for Spring 2023

Following the update, customers can now receive an instant quote on Ryno Lawn Care’s website. The company specializes in water-efficient, sustainable lawn care, weed control, and sod installation in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex and surrounding areas. More information is available at Ryno Lawn Care’s expanded services come with the approach of spring, which is an ideal time to begin lawn care. Proper maintenance is necessary to keep lawns looking neat, robust, and healthy throughout the summer months, and early spring is the best time to start lawn mowing andRead More

Doomer Bloomer Media Launches Tao-Inspired Motivational Business Community

Doomer Bloomer Media, the brainchild of business and marketing coach Will Nemo, is announcing a multi-channel motivational community based on the Taoist philosophy, with the goal of empowering entrepreneurs, business owners, and professionals to overcome negativity and develop resilience. More details can be found at Nemo cites recent figures indicating that 42% of small business owners have experienced burnout in the past month – and close to a quarter (24%) are currently struggling with this increasingly common issue. Recognizing that growing inflation and increased economic uncertainty are putting moreRead More

Achieve Your Weight Loss Goal more healthily and More Successfully with FitnessGuru

Boca Raton, Florida Mar 18, 2023 ( – Fitness Guru’s website is constantly updated with the latest information on all aspects of weight loss, fitness, and wellness, including the newest trends and news in dieting, exercise, and general well-being. The fitness industry is constantly evolving, and Fitness Guru is dedicated to providing its readers with the most up-to-date and comprehensive information to help them achieve their fitness goals, whether that be weight loss, muscle gain, or overall health. Healthy Eating As the world of fitness changes, so do the methodsRead More