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Thursday, March 9th, 2023


Massachusetts Naprapathy: Gentle Fascia Body Work For Pain Relief Expanded

Gentle fascia body work, known as naprapathy, is a therapeutic technique that is used to reduce pain and help people achieve a more active lifestyle. With the new service expansion, Dr. Kristen Poe provides holistic pain relief without requiring pharmaceutical medication. More information can be found at: Dr. Kristen Poe explains that, with the new expansion, she aims to treat connective tissue restrictions to manage pain and promote healing. The natural therapy offers a personalized approach to healthcare that considers the root cause of pain and discomfort, rather thanRead More

Billfodl Authorized Seed Phrase Backup Tool, New Marine-Grade Security Plates

The Crypto Merchant announced the availability of the Billfodl, a Marine-grade security seed phrase backup tool fully compatible with all hardware wallets. Designed for easy set-up and high durability, the product allows crypto traders to secure their recovery seeds, private keys, or other sensitive information. More details can be found at The e-store is expanding its range of products amid growing awareness of the importance of ensuring adequate protection for digital assets. According to Chainalysis, approximately $3.8 billion in crypto assets were stolen in 2022 – a record high.Read More

SteelWallet Seed Phrase Backup & Restoration, ShiftCrypto Recovery Kit Announced

The SteelWallet low-tech seed phrase recovery device is now available from The Crypto Merchant, an authorized retailer for ShiftCrypto’s line of hardware wallets and recovery kits. More information about recovery kits from ShiftCrypto, low-tech seed phrase storage, and other products from The Crypto Merchant can be found at Using a SteelWallet recovery kit, cryptocurrency traders can quickly restore access to the digital assets inside lost, stolen, damaged, or destroyed wallets. The kit can hold up to one 24-word recovery seed phrase, or two 12-word phrases, and is highly resistantRead More

Titanium Recovery Seed Phrase Tool: Cryptotag Zeus Wallet Backup Kit Launched

The Cryptotag Zeus Recovery Seed Tool, a titanium vault for storing crypto wallet backup phrases, has launched on The Crypto Merchant website both as a standalone recovery device and as an extra security feature included with several popular hardware wallets. More information about the Cryptotag Zeus Recovery Seed Tool, The Crypto Merchant store, and hardware wallets that include a backup device, can be found at The titanium vault from Cryptotag can help traders to restore access to their lost digital assets, if a crypto wallet is stolen, lost, damaged,Read More

Steel Crypto Recovery Tool XSEED Pro, Laser Engraved Seed Phrase Backup Launched

The XSEED Pro Seed, a new recovery phrase backup device launched on The Crypto Merchant website, offers similar secure storage to traditional steel backup devices, with the addition of an easy-to-use set of pre-engraved tiles, so traders are not required to use a steel punch. More information about the XSEED Pro Seed tool, pre-engraved laser tiles, and other products from SecuX can be found at Recovery phrase backup devices have become a standard tool for cryptocurrency traders, offering a secure method for restoring access to lost, stolen, or damagedRead More

Secure BitBox Cold Crypto Wallet: Corporate Trader Blockchain Device Updated

The store’s latest launch adds an updated version of the robust cold storage solution for cryptocurrency traders and investors. The BitBox is the flagship hardware wallet from the acclaimed Shift Crypto brand and it joins The Crypto Merchant’s extensive collection of DeFi accessories from leading manufacturers such as Ledger, Trezor, and SecuX. More details can be found at The announcement reveals that the store now carries two versions of the BitBox wallet – one for Bitcoin only and the other that supports multiple currencies including Ethereum, Litecoin, and allRead More

Simple Financial Literacy Program, Career Progression For Single Parents Update

Invested Mom’s newly-updated program offers subscribers a host of helpful resources, ideas, and insights into maximizing earning opportunities and reducing debt. Founder Inge von Aulock is passionate about sharing her own experience and tips to help other women gain financial independence in today’s uncertain economic climate. More details can be found at The recent expansion is accompanied by a collection of new blog articles – all accessible without charge via the Invested Mom website. Allied with the course’s accessible framework for building a more robust financial mindset, Inge’s latestRead More

Secure DieFi Crypto Accident Recovery & Storage For Traders Platform Launched

The recent announcement comes as the cryptocurrency and DeFi platform continues to diversify its offerings for investors and crypto enthusiasts in the space. DieFi provides users with a non-custodial recovery solution that converts keys into unique number sequences to prevent hacking. More information can be found at Now available to The Crypto Merchant customers, DieFi has been created to safeguard digital assets. The platform enables users to store their crypto credentials, NFTs, ledgers, files, and other digital information in a secure, centralized location, offering added protection in the eventRead More

SecuX Nifty Crypto NFT Hardware Wallet With Color Touchscreen Launched

In 2011, inventors came up with the idea for the world’s first-ever hardware crypto wallet, though the device was not available to the public until 2014. Nine years later, hardware wallets for storing crypto are a growing industry. To address the high demand, The Crypto Merchant is announcing the launch of the world’s first NFT-focused hardware wallet, the SecuX Nifty. More information about hardware wallets, The Crypto Merchant, and the new SecuX Nifty for storing NFTs can be found at While hardware wallets have become commonplace for storing cryptocurrency,Read More

US Ledger Nano X Crypto Hardware Wallet With Unlimited Recovery Seeds Launched

The latest launch from The Crypto Merchant sees the addition of the Ledger Nano X to its extensive collection of storage and transactional tools for digital currency holders and investors. The wallet, which can be ordered through the company’s streamlined web store, is one of the few such devices to offer compatibility with both iOS and Android operating systems. More details can be found at The announcement outlines the main features of Ledger’s state-of-the-art product, highlighting the addition of Bluetooth connectivity and a larger coin storage capacity to earlierRead More