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Saturday, February 4th, 2023


Dr. Brian Epp Recognized For Being In The Chiropractic Industry For 24 Years

Dr. Brian Epp has today been recognized for being in the chiropractic industry for 24 years. This recognition is, in part, a result of Epp’s work within the health and wellness arena, specifically his work helping thousands of people to restore their body and become the best version of themselves from a physical standpoint. Epp, living in Harrisburg for a number of years, has been involved with the health and wellness world for 24 years, getting his start when he received his B.S. in Health Science and Physical Therapy andRead More

Angelic Lift Announces Hormone Pellet Therapy For Patients With PPO Insurance

The doctors at Angelic Lift are pleased to inform the Port Orange community that PPO-insured individuals can now take advantage of their full suite of restorative, regenerative, and preventative wellness treatments, including their hormone pellet therapy. Angelic Lift is the leading clinic for bio-identical hormone replacement therapy and pellet therapy in the region, and they are now ready to welcome PPO-insured patients who are seeking these innovative therapies. More information is available at The recently added PPO insurance coverage for Angelic Lift’s bio-identical hormone replacement therapies reflects the growingRead More

Chiron Investigations Takes the Fight Against Illegal Cryptocurrency Internet-based Activity to a New Level with its Expert Recovery Services

Dartford, United Kingdom, 4th Feb 2023 – Chiron Investigations, a trusted leader in crypto and asset recovery, today announced the launch of its comprehensive cryptocurrency recovery services. The company provides expert assistance to victims of cryptocurrency illegal activities in tracking down their stolen digital assets and resolving any issues with their wallet. The company is also known to provide substantial knowledge on how to get their stolen cryptocurrency back. Cryptocurrency is a valuable asset for many individuals and corporations, and the loss of these assets can be devastating. The companyRead More

Volt Inu (VOLT) Sees Price Pump and a New ATH Getting Closer

Malmö, Sweden, 4th February 2023, ZEXPRWIRE, Volt Inu ($VOLT) recorded a new market pump as the team made several new announcements regarding its ecosystem development. The token has seen a surge in activity on exchanges, reaching the top trends on Twitter and many of the 100+ exchanges they are listed on. The team’s latest announcements add a new dimension to the VOLT ecosystem with developments like Voltiflex and rumors about an upcoming burn worth $10,000,000+ at least. The market reacted positively to the news, as $VOLT’s price increased significantly. The LatestRead More

Bash Entertainment Offers All-inclusive Concierge Services in one Platform.

Jihane Laalou has emerged as a Morocco rising star and Bash Entertainment company’s CEO. The company is recognized for its all-inclusive concierge services, which specialize in helping to curate a memorable experience. United States, 4th Feb 2023 – Jihane Laalou is a multitasking personality and hospitality entrepreneur. She has emerged as the CEO of Bash Entertainment, the company that offers all-inclusive concierge services in one platform. The company specializes in helping to curate an experience more than just a trip to Miami. Bash Entertainment’s standard packages start at $605pp +Read More

TMRW Dubai Announces Its Program and Reveals More Speakers

Belgrade, Serbia, 4th February 2023, ZEXPRWIRE, Davinci Jeremie, Dr. Christina Yan Zang, Christopher Quet, Emanuel Erdem, Khalifa Aljaziri Alshehhi, Abdulla Ziad Galadari, Robbie Nakarmi and Many More Added After last year’s epic premier edition in Belgrade, TMRW conference powered by 2142, the largest emerging tech event, is set to make a sensational debut in Dubai, from February 8th till 10th 2023 at Dubai Festival City. The immersive three-day event now announces its program which will be bringing the latest trends from the emerging tech industries during the day, as wellRead More

The Science Of Sea Salt: Diabetes & Immunity Saline Benefits Book Launched

The new book describes the unique characteristics of sea salt that can help manage certain illnesses, like diabetes, and contribute to overall health. It also talks about how different types of sea salt have different attributes, and advises that sourcing the right one for each person’s intended use must come with careful research. For more information, visit H2Ocean’s recently launched book coincides with an article published by the Mayo Clinic about the benefits of sea salt. According to the article, sea salt is not just a better-tasting alternative toRead More

Branded Multimedia Marketing For Online Visibility & Brand Growth Expanded

Aiming to help more businesses achieve higher positions on Google, Fire and Ice Media now offers multi-faceted content creation strategies for companies across sectors. Combining blog writing with podcast creation and automated videos, local brands can improve online visibility through a range of platforms. More information can be found at: The latest update from the digital marketing agency positions small and medium-sized businesses as the authority in their field. An experienced team of creative professionals write branded, fully tailored content to advertise products, services, or positive stories for theRead More

Fire Restoration Content Marketing, Branding & Google Visibility Updates

Magnetic Media has expanded its range of services to provide fire and water restoration contractors with an effective way to expand their market reach, reputation and online visibility. More details can be found at With the new update, the company offers a content-based solution designed to offer a series of essential benefits and create sustainable long-term brand growth. At the core of the agency’s service is the development of hyper-targeted digital content designed to answer specific customer questions. The content created by Magnetic Media is optimized for Google visibilityRead More

Las Vegas Cloud Computing For Businesses | 2023 Guide Launched

The new guide is in line with the mission of Intelligent Technical Solutions (ITS), which is to help US companies maximize technology to improve efficiency. The guide covers all the necessary information on cloud computing to help small- and large-scale business owners with no prior cloud knowledge. More details are available at The global market for cloud computing is expected to reach $1,738.44 billion by 2030, reflecting the pandemic’s acceleration of the shift to digital business models. With the newly launched guide, US business owners can adopt cloud-based technologiesRead More