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Monday, January 23rd, 2023


Uzbek Superapp Humans Achieved Revenue of $35 Million in 2022

Humans has revealed its summary report for 2022 — the group’s revenue has increased by almost 40%, and the ecosystem’s turnover exceeded $156.7 million. The superapp has grown according to all key indicators, and in some areas, it saw threefold and even fivefold growth compared to 2021. Tashkent, Uzbekistan, 23rd Jan 2023 – The Humans Group has shared its growth figures on the Uzbek market — in 2022, the group’s earnings in dollar terms amounted to $34.9 million, 38% higher than the previous year. The ecosystem’s turnover for this pastRead More

Completely Hydraulic Introduces Mobile Workshop Van For Night-Time Emergencies

Completely Hydraulic, the leading provider of hydraulic services in the London, Essex and Kent area, is proud to announce the addition of a new mobile workshop van to its fleet, allowing the company to expand its night-time emergency callouts and provide a wider range of hydraulic services on-site. The new van is fully equipped to handle ram removal, repair, and maintenance, as well as hose repairs and replacements, without the need to transport parts to the company’s depot-based workshop. The company’s new mobile workshop van is designed to cater toRead More

Aromatherapy Diffuser Necklace Uses Benefits For Focus Stress Anxiety New Guide

Essential oils are often categorized as home aromatherapy essentials. With just a few drops and a diffuser, they can transform any space into a paradise of fragrant delight. However, Loving Essential Oils details that essential oils are not only useful for their aromatic purposes, they are also beneficial for health and offer therapeutic benefits as well. Their newest guide highlights the benefits of using essential oils on a diffuser necklaces to enhance focus and reduce anxiety. The full guide can be found here: The guide explains that essential oilsRead More

Norlane Dental Surgery, a North Geelong Dentist, Introduces a Free Consultation Service for Invisalign and Dental Implants Treatments

Norlane, VIC – Norlane Dental Surgery offers a free consultation to patients seeking dental implants and Invisalign services. The consultation session determines patients’ eligibility for the procedure by evaluating their teeth, gums, bone density and anatomy, and overall bite. The examination may also include x-rays or 3D scans to improve the results of the bone anatomy evaluation. The session highlights whether patients need to undergo treatments, such as grafting in case of low bone density, before the procedure to improve the outcome of their dental implant procedure. During the consultation,Read More

Captivate Dental, a Family-Friendly Dentist in Moorabbin, Caters to the Needs of Patients of All Ages

Moorabbin, VIC – Captivate Dental thoroughly explores the wants and needs of every patient and consistently addresses them in ways that exhibit genuine concern, excellence, and comfort. As a practice that takes pride in custom treatment, the clinic employs an array of general, cosmetic, preventative, restorative, and emergency procedures for patients who need small filling for a back tooth, a complete smile makeover, or reconstructive oral health. Dr Gareth Lewell, B.D.S, the principal dentist, works collaboratively with staff and other medical professionals to diagnose and treat dental-related issues like snoringRead More

Top Rated Dentist, Warrnambool Dental Introduces Conventional Dental Braces and Invisalign Treatments

Warrnambool, VIC – Warrnambool Dental is the number one choice for community members looking for high-quality dental care treatment. The dental clinic offers various services, including dental restorations and preventative dentistry. As part of the aim to deliver exceptional quality dental care solutions, Warrnambool Dental now offers conventional dental braces and Invisalign aligners as part of its orthodontic services. Community members dealing with malocclusions, crooked teeth, under and overbites, as well as other orthodontic problems, can contact the clinic for help. The orthodontic dentists are happy to walk patients throughRead More

Reduce Pain and Inflammation Naturally with Regenerative Medicine Approaches at QC Kinetix (Burnsville)

Burnsville, MN – Patients suffering from chronic pain or thinking that surgery is the only option for relief can visit QC Kinetix (Burnsville), where a team of medical providers use minimally invasive therapies to enhance recovery and minimize re-injury. Although regenerative medicine is in its infancy, it has revolutionized the medical field by offering patients alternatives for surgery, pharmaceuticals, or extensive physical therapy. Once contacted, a provider takes patients through their protocols to help them understand their conditions and holistic treatments that improve their quality of life. The knee jointsRead More

Achieve Optimal Health and Wellness with IV Therapy in Houston at Hope for Healing

Houston, TX – Maintaining optimum health and wellness requires proactive personal effort and convenient access to top-notch health services. While the abundance of reliable medical facilities makes the latter requirement easy, demanding obligations (such as careers, education, and family life) make the former hard to keep up with for many people. This is not to mention that other naturally-occurring factors, such as old age, contribute to health decline. What if there was a way to maintain good health without undergoing complex procedures or ingesting potentially harmful prescription medications? Hope forRead More

Smile Big Thanks to Casula Dental Care’s Affordable Dentist Services in NSW

Casula, NSW – An impending dental appointment is enough to send chills down most people’s spines but going to the dentist doesn’t have to be scary; there are exceptional dentists whose skills make patients excited for their subsequent appointments by making procedures as painless, calm and successful as possible. Casula Dental Care has many dental experts who are well-known for providing excellent dental care services in Casula, NSW, and the surrounding areas. The clinic offers a wide range of dental services, including restorative, cosmetic, and preventative dental and emergency services,Read More

PrimeGENIX Helps You Train More Effectively

23 January 2022 – Phoenix, USA – PrimeGENIX is offering one of the best ways to help you grow your muscles with the help of all-natural supplements. When it comes to making the most from your needs in terms of muscle growth, there really is no better way than to combine quality training in the gym with the right diet. However, if you wish to accelerate the coming of the desired results a bit, you will also need the best supplements that will not let you down and will helpRead More