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Tuesday, January 10th, 2023


What keeps AccountEdge on the edge

Brandon,MB, Canada, 10th Jan 2023 – AccountEdge Pro is powerful, easy to use, on-premise small business accounting software. With AccountEdge Pro business owners can organize, process, and report on their financial information so they can focus on their business. Its feature set is built to allow users to handle every aspect of their business including accounting, integrated payroll, sales and purchases, contact management, inventory tracking, online orders, time billing, and more. AccountEdge is designed to work with all types of small and medium-sized businesses. It is used by companies whoRead More

QuickBooks performance issues and solutions

Kingston, United Kingdom, 10th Jan 2023 –  QuickBooks running slow could be caused due to multiple reasons.  One of the main issues that users sometimes face is their connection to the QuickBooks data file that slows down to open due to connectivity. When such problem encounters, works either become unworkable or you may face data loss and both of them are not acceptable. Different users experience different types of performance issues with QuickBooks. However, QuickBooks performance issues are broadly classified into two categories. First is where the QuickBooks take much longer thanRead More

New Cryptocurrency Recovery System Unveiled by Chiron Investigations Crypto Recovery Solutions

Dartford, United Kingdom, 10th Jan 2023 – Chiron Investigations Crypto Recovery Solutions, a leading cyber forensic firm, is proud to announce the launch of their new cryptocurrency recovery system. This revolutionary solution is designed to help individuals and businesses reclaim lost digital assets following instances of cybercrime targeting cryptocurrency and forex trading by entailing the details of how to recover stolen cryptocurrency back. With a success rate of 9/10 in tracking and recovering lost funds, Chiron’s team of experts uses advanced techniques and cutting-edge cybersecurity tools to locate online assetsRead More

BaoBey announces the launch of the BaoBey token to bridge the gap between Web3 and real life.

Miami, Florida, United States, 10th Jan 2023 – BaoBey announces the launch of BaoBey token, which will serve to develop the fastest and cheapest decentralized payment system on the market. First of all, the BaoBey developers have as their main vision to integrate Web3 technology with the current digital payment infrastructure, to advance the global adoption of cryptocurrencies, to offer the best service through their next DApps, which will incorporate cards debit cards and can be used anywhere in the world. BaoBey token will be deployed on the Binance SmartRead More

Bliss Mushrooms produces Microdosing Psychedelics to Boost Mental Health and Productivity

Oakland, California, United States, 10th Jan 2023 – Bliss Mushrooms is an Oakland-based luxury psychedelic company that produces ultra-high quality psilocybin products that are vegan, gluten-free, Non-GMO, and Fairtrade. The company is vertically integrated and operates in the relatively new psychedelic industry. In the latest record, the company has explored the potential benefits of microdosing psychedelics for mental health and well-being by carrying out research on famous celebrities and brands.  The Bliss mushrooms launched in Silicon Valley, a hub of innovation and technology. It has seen a trend of microdosing,Read More

Introducing 6DO.WORLD: The Internet’s Newest Social Media Platform For Accurate Information And Productive Public Discourse

New York, NY, United States, 10th Jan 2023 – Veteran Media Experts and Developers Launch Discussion-Based Platform for Global Use. With social media platforms worldwide facing challenges due to misinformation and disinformation, a group of technology experts has developed a social media site for those looking to engage in respectful, productive discourse. Titled 6DO.WORLD, this new platform was created by founder Pin Ho, CEO Lizzi Lee, and CTO Leo Wong to cultivate healthy debates and the exchange of ideas, focusing on serving the Chinese diaspora. With today’s launch, Ho andRead More

Graphic Basketball Backpack | Origins Of Hooping Graffiti-Inspired Design Launch

Using legendary streetball courts as inspiration and honoring them with graffiti art, the recently added Origins of Hooping Backpack pays homage to the creativity of the game. The backpack complements Hoop Sauce’s line of unique and stylish basketball apparel that also features T-shirts, shorts, socks, and headbands. More information can be found at The latest addition to the e-store’s selection comes as the NBA season gets underway. The creators at The Hoops Sauce designed this particular backpack to honor the part of the game they love: the creativity andRead More

Stage Hire Company Outdoor Stages Enjoys Record Year in 2022

UK based stage hire company Outdoor Stages has enjoyed a bumper year driven by a resurgent events industry and is looking to reinvest its increased profits into further expansion. With dozens of Platinum Jubilee celebrations, a return to festival bookings, and a surge in smaller, family-friendly live music festivals across the UK, the company saw increased rentals across the board in 2022 working new festival promoters & event spaces across London, Surrey & Hampshire. Against a backdrop of a few years marred by the pandemic, the industry is finding itsRead More

Lumie World Provides A Wide Collection of Beautiful Night Lights for Children

Zumbrota, MN – A good night’s sleep is essential for a baby’s robust growth. Night lights help toddlers and babies consistently follow a night routine, provide comfort, and help parents navigate the night care routine without fully stimulating the baby to alertness. They also help to dimly illuminate the baby’s room which helps caregivers help avoid bumping on strewn toys. Lumie World aims to illuminate the world of children and parents. The company designs quality night lights to guide children with security and support them through nightly routines. The LumiClockRead More

Stay Cool and Dry All Day – Bunch of Animals announces the launch of their moisture-wicking boxer briefs

Bunch of Animals is an underwear brand that manufactures comfortable underwear for both men and women. The brand’s mission is to create stylish and comfortable underwear. All of the designs are made with the modern world in mind. Bunch of Animals offers a wide variety of underwear styles, including thongs, boyshorts, cheeky panties, and high-waisted briefs. There is something for everyone! The fabric quality of Bunch of Animals is outstanding. All the underwear are made from breathable & soft micro modal fabric that will keep a person comfortable all dayRead More