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Thursday, October 21st, 2021


Blazer Barboza Music Style and Concert Tour of 2021

Blazer Barboza Recent Events and Concerts Atlanta, Georgia Oct 21, 2021 ( – As of October 21, 2021, American Rapper Blazer Barboza has attended a few major events performing in Miami, New York, Augusta Ga, Washington D.C, and More, He has Also Performed His Hit Single Title ”Last Dance” in Many More Areas around the Globe, According to Medium, He sold out The Grand Lake Event. Blazer Barboza has also performed in St. Louis . Ellison’s Genre of Music is Unique, with a style that is classified as Pop andRead More

For Assembly Line Workers, Clinically-Proven Carpal Tunnel Relief Is Here

Ever since the assembly line took US manufacturing by storm, reducing the time needed to build a car from 12 plus hours to a paltry hour and a half, manufacturing and assembly line workers have been the backbone of certain industries. Whether it’s assembling computer hardware, sewing garments, baking bread, or welding parts, these people work tirelessly, completing the same motions and movements thousands of times per day. This can lead to the numbness, tingling, and pain of carpal tunnel syndrome, a debilitating condition that is common in assembly lineRead More

USA Practice Management Software – Medical Clinic Administration System Launched

The new management system is the product of expert software engineering from the Salt Lake City, Utah-based scheduling technology firm. Designed specifically for US medical practices, Power Diary’s new management tool has been developed to assist clinics of all sizes to better manage their appointments, patients, invoices and more. More details can be found at The launch of their innovative platform coincides with a recent report collated by the American College of Physicians which indicated that for every hour a physician spends treating patients they spend double that timeRead More

Remote Therapeutic Monitoring: A new proposal for the future of Digital Health

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) introduced a significant step forward in the digital health care world on January 1, 2019, with new Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) codes. Each year since the CMS has proposed additional codes for remote monitoring services. These annual changes incentivized physicians to adopt RPM technology to effectively monitor and manage patient care needs. Nonetheless, remote patient monitoring is limited in scope. RPM codes relate to physiological data only and do not cover self-reported data. Instead, data must be automatically transmitted by a connectedRead More

Sherman Oaks Wood Floor Cleaning Hardwood Refinishing – Restoration Services

The flooring expert’s newly expanded services include hardwood cleaning, scrubbing, refinishing, installation and repair. Its technicians can erase minor scratches or refinish an entire floor. More details can be found at By expanding its floor cleaning options, the company can provide residential and commercial property owners throughout the San Fernando Valley with properly maintained wood floors. Its qualified staff clean and buff wooden surfaces without water, so the wood does not expand, crack, or splinter. Wood dries out over time, but regular cleaning and polishing can minimize signs ofRead More

St Thomas Family Private Yacht Vacation Safe Sightseeing/Dolphin Swim Report

The guide discusses the main advantages of chartering a private yacht, including the added privacy and flexibility. For those who are used to staying in hotels, yachting provides many of the same amenities but with an added element of personalization and Safety. More information can be found at: As detailed in the new guide, families wanting to take a bespoke yacht vacation can create a customized experience through OceanScape Yachts. This company aims to make yachting easier and more accessible for clients, even if they’ve never had a tripRead More

Dr. Keith Cooper, DDS CP FICOI Joins the Wellness Dental Tucson Team

The practice offers unparalleled patient care from a team of 4 general and specialty dentists Tucson, Arizona Oct 21, 2021 ( – Dr. Keith Cooper, a surgical Prosthodontist with more than thirty years of experience in the dental field, joins the prestigious team of general and specialty dentists at Wellness Dental. His mission as a highly qualified care professional is to focus on advanced restorative, cosmetic, and surgical procedures (dental implants, dental bridges, etc.) while providing each patient with a comfortable and positive experience. “We are thrilled to have Dr.Read More

Trippy Troop Club New Hot NFTs

New Hot NFTs Los Angeles, California Oct 21, 2021 ( – Welcome to the Trippy Troop Club! Our first drop will be the OGs of the Trippy Troop Line. We will continue to make more and more advanced Trippy Troops. Collabs with businesses and brands bringing you exclusive items only available with Trippy Troops. We are excited for you to become part of the Trippy Troop family. This will also give you many benefits ( I.e discounts with business, Merch, and first access to exclusive drops, and much more). ThisRead More

Transform Your Business and Life In 90 Days With The Gold Rush Masterclass

(October 21, 2021) – The Gold Rush Masterclass teaches every entrepreneur how to transform their business and life in the next 90 days through training and traffic. It focuses on assisting, helping, and coaching business visionaries to make more prominent customers, traffic, and profit to have a major effect and a remarkable mark in the field. The Masterclass consists of 90-day coaching and training- 6 weeks in the classroom(online) and six weeks in the Laboratory(Student’s Business) and creating revenue fast, getting the most profit in a short amount of time,Read More

Dental Professionals: Clinically-Proven Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Relief On Amazon

Dentistry is a profession that requires not just a great deal of skill, and precise hand movements, but a lot of repetition too. And as many dentists know all too well, carpal tunnel syndrome is very prevalent in the industry. It’s precisely because of those intricate, repeated motions that so many dentists find themselves experiencing the pain, tingling, and numbness that signal the onset of trouble. But doctor-recommended Carpal AID, the pain relief patch that has been helping dentists maintain their dexterity for years, is now available on Amazon, makingRead More