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Monday, October 18th, 2021


The Entrance of the Metaverse: IUT Makes the Future Imaginative

Increased 5G construction has seen the historic moment when the network bandwidth speed exceeded that of the local storage media reading and writing in science and technology. The cloud computing-based NFT game scene has shown the first application scene of great value in the 5G era, with low latency, high resolution, terminal crossing and cloud-network integration. It is generally believed in the industry that NFT games are the time gate leading to the next-generation mainstream computing platform on the Internet——Metaverse. If you travel through the gate, you will come toRead More

First IPFS application in Bi’an uses super-ecological flaming launch–Lucky Biance

IPFS distributed storage technology is being used in the world’s first super meta-universe DEFI ecosystem, powered by Biance. Three distinct communities were created simultaneously on October 15th, 2021: an English community, a Greater China community, and a Korean community. LBC Lucky Coin Lab came up with the concept of a Lucky BianceMeta Universe. Teams from IPFS, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and AR Intelligence make up LBC’s nuclear technology team, as do internationally recognized mathematicians, cryptographers, and economists from well-known R&D institutions like MIT and Harvard. As the first blockchain platform toRead More