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Wednesday, October 13th, 2021


Las Vegas NV Google SEO Updates Page Speed/Spam Link Improvement Guide Launched

Search engines such as Google put particular emphasis on website load times. The new piece advises readers on how to ensure their website is performing at an optimal level, which can result in better search rankings. More details can be found at Branding is another major element that can influence search engine algorithms. Red Zone SEO states that a website without a strong brand presence will not only impact search results, but may also dissuade visitors from making a purchase. Statista reports that Google commands over 87% of theRead More

Insights for Professionals Free Report: The State of Cloud Security in 2021

Insights for Professionals (IFP) surveyed 200 IT professionals responsible for cloud security across the USA and found that nearly 40% of firms have suffered a cloud data breach in the past 12 months. While the advantages of cloud computing typically outweigh the disadvantages in terms of reduced costs and increased flexibility, the cloud creates new risks for businesses and IT leaders. Recent research from the State of Cloud Security in 2021 reveals that nearly three-quarters (73.5%) of IT professionals are extremely concerned about the security of their data, apps andRead More

Dodge County WI SR-22 High Risk Car Insurance – Auto Coverage After DUI Updated

With the company’s newly expanded options, motorists can comply with the state’s minimum auto liability requirements. It is especially geared towards people who have driving offenses and are thus considered high-risk. More information about Compliance Insurance of Middleton is available via This newly upgraded selection of policies caters to a clientele that is often underserved by other insurers and brokers. More specifically, it is ideal for drivers who have DUI records, traffic offenses, at-fault accidents with no insurance, or revoked licenses. According to federal law, the above-mentioned motorists —Read More

Pflugerville TX Investment Property Awareness-Tenant Screening Service Launched

Earlier today, Monte Davis Property Management Service announced the beginning of its new Investment Property Tenant Screening service, which has been in development since 2019. The main aim is to find the right tenants for your investment property by creating a partnership with thoroughly screened applicants who will care for your home. … but it does so, with a difference. Monte Davis, Owner at Monte Davis Property Management Service, says: “We wanted to try something new with the Tenant Screening aspect of our Investment Property Management Service. Anyone familiar withRead More

Houston TX Business Visibility/Trust-Based SEO Google Ranking Services Launched

With this latest launch, the enterprise SEO experts aim to help local businesses within Houston, Texas, and surrounding areas to increase their website and Google My Business online presence with a trust-based ranking strategy. More information is available at Recent statistics show that businesses on Google search results’ first page get up to 95% of the clicks, leaving the others to scramble for the remaining 5%. But the agency’s updated website ranking service keeps businesses competitive by putting them on top of potential customers’ search queries. While several localRead More

Cosmos ATOM News – Crypto Coin Buyer Hub/Investment Info Website Launched

The organization’s new platform seeks to help both new and experienced crypto enthusiasts explore the potential of the developing crypto ecosystem. This includes, in addition to following the advancement of Cosmos (ATOM), offering blockchain-centered investment reports, opinion articles, and digital product recommendations. For more details, please visit The recently launched website features a homepage with trending industry events, links to recent blog posts, and accessible navigation for quickly viewing core site categories. In recent years, the interest in blockchain technology has grown exponentially owing to its promise as aRead More

Critical Illness & Money Back Life Insurance – Updated Options

The recently updated options is in response to the changing features available with money-back life insurance. Clients can now choose to receive a lump sum payment if they suffer from a critical illness to help offset the costs of treatment, travel, and time off. To learn more about money back life insurance, please visit The updated critical illness insurance is available as an add-on to traditional insurance policies, including the standard “money back” and the “wealth builder” packages. Once the feature is added to a client’s insurance, it canRead More

Mercans named a ‘Star Performer’ in Everest Group’s PEAK Matrix Assessment 2021

Positive assessment of its robust multi-country payroll solutions London, United Kingdom Oct 13, 2021 ( – Mercans, the leading non-aggregator global payroll outsourcing specialist, has been named a ‘Star Performer’ and a ‘Major Contender‘ among leading multi-country payroll (MCP) providers by Everest Group in their annual MCP study, PEAK Matrix(R). The Everest Group report 2021 assessed 22 MCP solution providers taking into account their annual RFI process, interactions with leading solution providers, client reference checks as well as ongoing analysis of the MCP solutions market. According to Everest Group, MercansRead More

School Games and Activity Development Foundation SGADF a sports Platform Provided by Shivam Thakur

Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh Oct 13, 2021 ( – Shivam Thakur currently living in Greater Noida. His father name is Arun Thakur and Mother Name is Mamta Thakur and his elder sister is Aarti Thakur. He has completed his schooling from U.P Board. He was a former Cricketer who played for Kerala, Uttar Pradesh and Delhi The competitors backed laurels to the country by conquering medals in diverse games. Shivam Thakur in the shooting has won the gold medal and has made the nation proud. This is not for theRead More

IUS — an ecological chain based on the concept and realization of a meta-universe

IUS was created by the island universe foundation and blockchain wizard Maniel Larimer. IUS is an ecological chain based on the concept and realization of a meta-universe. IUS is mainly dedicated to ecological construction and ecological empowerment. The birth of IUS is entirely based on an empowering main chain coin based on the ecological construction of the meta universe. IUS empowers meta-universe applications including but not limited to Difi, Nft, VR, MR, AR, Internet of Things, 5G, Web3.0 and other applications. IUS is mainly used as a driving IUS ecologicalRead More