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Tuesday, September 14th, 2021


Pacific Ridge Provides Integrated Treatment for Drug and Alcohol Addiction in Jefferson, OR

Jefferson, OR – Located on the outskirts of Salem, Oregon, Pacific Ridge is a private residential drug and alcohol treatment facility that provides quality care without the high price tag. The company offers integrated treatment for addiction to drugs or alcohol and co-occurring mental health disorders such as depression and anxiety. In addition, clients can benefit from customized, individualized therapy sessions with professionals specializing in addiction treatment through its unique program design. It’s also worth noting that their modern facilities provide safety and privacy for patients seeking healing – allRead More

Waking Heart Institute promises to prevail the peace amongst people through Applied Shamanism

Sarasota, FL, 14 Sep 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, Shamanism is the first spiritual practice of humankind. It has its roots in over 40,000 years of healing and helping people. Waking Hearts Institute teaches applied shamanism. The Applied Shamanism Training  teaches students how to bring the power of shamanic practice into the modern setting with respect and integrity based on traditions that have been passed from shaman to shaman for over 30,000 years. People of all religions seek shaman for healing, deposession or entity removal of evil spirits, or simple guidance. Our goalRead More

BankEth: Making Smart Investment as Ethereum Rises to the Moon

Canberra, Australia, 14 Sep 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, The future of finance and investing undoubtedly includes cryptocurrency, not only because of its decentralized system that makes it accessible to everyone but also because of its intrinsic value. As each token has its own value, holders have the capacity to diversify and hold multiple tokens. As the second-largest cryptocurrency by market cap, Ethereum has facilitated many innovations and adoption projects, and the general consensus is that the coin is significantly undervalued. Recognising the opportunity to capitalize on this, BankEth was in part createdRead More

Lilac French Bulldog & Breed Standard Colours – Expert Dog Owners Guide Released

With the launch of the report, all those curious about French Bulldogs or even looking at becoming owners of one have access to detailed, concise information about the popular dog’s coat and colour. The report includes high-quality pictures to compliment the information given, making identification and appreciation of each coat easy and enjoyable. More details can be found at: The launch of “Lilac French Bulldog and 13 Other Colours Explained” describes all colourings, including those considered rare. While some colours may be initially considered confusing by way of theirRead More

Top Trending Products 2021 eCommerce Store Best Secure Marketplace Launched

Online retailer DeTrenda has launched its new e-commerce store website with trending products that are handpicked by DeTrenda staff. The new store specializes in trending products from around the world, with a cross-category catalog designed to cultivate a differentiated shopping experience. More information can be found at With the launch of its new website and product line, DeTrenda aims to showcase the latest products across multiple niches through a fast, and secure portal. The company is sensitive to the perceived perils of online shopping and to that end, theRead More

Lansing MI Restaurant SMS Marketing Text Message Service Solutions Launched, an SMS text message marketing service used by independent restaurant owners and other small business entrepreneurs, has announced the availability of its marketing platform in Lansing, Michigan. More details can be found at The announcement of the availability of’s SMS text message marketing service in Lansing, Michigan, will be of interest to restaurant owners and other entrepreneurs who seek to use the frictionless marketing platform to build a loyal customer base and drive repeat business. allows independent restaurant owners and other small business entrepreneurs to collectRead More

Atlanta GA Wrongful Death Attorney – Financial Recovery Legal Services Launched

With the recent announcement, the firm is dedicated to providing legal guidance and support to those who want to file a wrongful death claim after the loss of a loved one. More information can be found at The legal team have successfully resolved wrongful death cases, and their updated services are designed to help clients protect their rights. A wrongful death is a death that was caused by negligence, directly or indirectly. The law can compensate certain relatives of the deceased with money damages for wrongful death. This alsoRead More

GoSun’s New Solar Fridge/Freezer Beats the Heat with Off-Grid Solar Tech

GoSun’s products are versatile by nature — they let you cook without gas, desalinate water without electricity, and freeze your feed without the need for an electrical socket. Its newest product is perhaps our most versatile yet: The Chillest. What is the Chillest? It’s the ultimate solar-powered refrigeration system. this electric solar-powered cooler lets users cool and freezes anything they want for hours without using any ice. The Chillest doesn’t just chill food and drinks, it keeps them frozen. GoSun launched the Chillest on Indiegogo and so far it hasRead More

Proenc’s Ligature Resistant TV Enclosure Saves Lives in 50 States

Proenc designed a ligature resistant TV enclosure to do one thing, so save patients and inmates lives. These protective TV housings are used in behavorial health facilities as well as correctional facilities and unfortunately the users may be in dark mood and consider taking their own life. In the past mental health patients took their own lives by hanging themselves from the TV brackets, some have smashed the TV screen and used the broken glass to cut themselves severely. With a Proenc ligature resistant TV enclosure it prevents access toRead More

GATE Aids Clients and Candidates With Use of AI Recruiting Technology

GATE Staffing, LLC is a technology recruitment firm that uses the latest technology to find their client’s the best staff possible. One of these technologies that GATE utilizes is called AI recruiting technology. AI recruiting technology uses artificial intelligence to automatically conduct certain parts of the hiring process. GATE is based out of Long Island but serves many different locations including all of New York City, Washington DC, Maryland, Nashville, and Colorado. GATE has grown, showed its success, and helped increase their partner’s and client’s growth for over two decades.Read More