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Thursday, September 9th, 2021


Erica Rose Discusses What Causes T-Bone Collisions in Texas? – Rose Sanders Law Firm, PLLC

Getting T-boned at an intersection is one of our greatest fears as drivers. Erica Rose knows the most common causes of these horrific collisions and how to avoid them. Houston, Texas Sep 9, 2021 ( – Former bachelor star, Erica Rose knows What Causes T-Bone Collisions in Texas? T-Bone collisions occur when the front of one vehicle collides with the side of another. They are capable of causing extremely serious injuries, including those that leave victims with long-term medical problems. Thankfully, in many instances, people who are hurt in T-boneRead More

AirPhysio OPEP Lung Ventilation Improvement Best Sputum Removal Device Launched

Designed and manufactured in Australia, the AirPhysio uses oscillating positive expiratory pressure (OPEP) to loosen mucus in the airway walls and aids the body’s natural mucus clearance mechanism. In doing so, the device brings relief to those who suffer from severe and acute respiratory conditions. For more details, please visit The newly relaunched AirPhysio is a proven treatment and preventative tool anyone can use to support better breathing, and therefore overall wellness. The device is safe for children, adolescents, adults, and seniors as well as swimmers, singers, deep-sea divers,Read More

COVID-19 Mental Health Impact On Children/Teenagers Therapy Report Released

Counseling Connection has released a new report about supporting children, teenagers, and their families through the devastating mental health effects of COVID-19. The report discusses several pressures and stressors that could lead to adverse long-term effects on a child’s wellbeing and recommends access to virtual counseling as required. More information can be found at: The new report explains how all age groups have been affected by the unprecedented conditions created by the pandemic and the significant toll on mental health. In addition to moodiness, friendship issues, and academic concernsRead More

West Palm Beach Roofing Experts Now Offers Financing For New Roof Replacements

The last year and a half have been quite a roller coaster ride for much of the country and the many industries and businesses which power its economy. One such ride has been the Florida real estate market; it has been on fire for the better part of a year now, with people moving down to Florida in droves from all over the country. This buying spree has fringe benefits for many industries related to real estate, and the roofing industry is also booming in Florida. It’s no surprise thatRead More

Anchorage AK Adult Day Services Mental Health Support Access Report Released

Turnagain Social Club, based in Anchorage AK, has released this new report about the importance of mental health support for the aging population. Research has shown that being part of a strong and supportive community is vital in the fight against depression and loneliness in the elderly. More information can be found at: In the newly released blog post, Turnagain Social Club explains how understanding the importance of mental health as we age is paramount to good elderly care and explores how individuals and families can find help. MajorRead More

Leesburg VA Lyme Disease Expert Muscle Ache Symptoms Holistic Report Released

Premier Health and Holistic Medicine has launched its new report discussing muscle ache and its connection with Lyme disease. The center wants to improve awareness of the hallmarks and long-term risks associated with this debilitating condition and to create tailored health plans to combat the illness. More details can be found at The new report is based on Dr. Ridinger’s own background as a board-certified physician in both family medicine and integrative holistic medicine. Lyme disease presents with a broad range of symptoms, and since at least half ofRead More

Topeka KS Restaurant Text Message Marketing Business SMS Service Launched

Online marketing company launched their updated text messaging marketing service which helps increase the return rate of customers to local restaurants and other businesses. More details can be found at With the latest announcement, the company aims to help local restaurants in the Topeka, KS, area to get customers to return more often as well as attract new diners. Text message marketing is an effective way for restaurants to attract customers during slower days. It is a flexible marketing system where business owners can generate sales on demand.Read More

Saskatoon SK Furnace Tune-Up – 24/7 Emergency Heating Repair Services Launched

The company’s latest launch includes affordable furnace inspections and repairs to ensure that heating systems remain operational and cost-effective during the winter months. Should clients suffer heating or plumbing malfunctions, their team also provides 24/7 emergency services. For more information, please visit As Saskatchewan’s long winter months approach, even the newest heaters will struggle against the province’s freezing temperatures. With the latest announcement, the experts at Pro Service Mechanical help clients prepare for winter by addressing heating problems before they arise. Specifically, homeowners should contact the company if theirRead More

New Social Media Polling App Weebl Closes Pre-Seed Round

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Weebl is the first-ever cross-platform polling app for social media influencers. Weebl, the world’s first cross-platform polling app launches officially next week, after closing an undisclosed pre-seed round and months of development. Weebl is a fun new way to ask group questions on social media and get opinions from all your friends and followers on a wide range of topics. Bloggers, social media influencers, YouTubers, and any other internet persona with an audience are enabled to easily survey and discover opinions across their multiple channels. The excitingRead More

LilDogeX – Taking ‘First Of Its Kind’ Trading Mechanism To Another Level

Cape Coral, Florida, 9 Sep 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, Lil DogeX is a newly launched project on the Binance Smart Chain that pays out-static token rewards to holders, implements a buyback mechanism, and includes functionality to control the token’s financial ecosystem to prevent dips below a certain threshold that is updated from time to time. Lil DogeX is the first-ever fork of Project DogeX which introduced this one of its kind trading mechanism. The Developer of this project Dlow had the vision to create tokenomics for his projects which could save hisRead More