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Tuesday, September 7th, 2021


Coloring Pages For Children/Adults – Printable Books Online Platform Launched

The new platform contains hundreds of coloring pages and a simple interface that allows users to search for images based on the category of their choice. More details can be found at The launch coincides with the ongoing global pandemic, which is still restricting people throughout the world and mandating that families spend more time at home than ever. Luckily, several recent studies have indicated that even in times of stress and change, coloring in can reduce stress and anxiety in children and adults of all ages. Numerous otherRead More

Koinomo | the first decentralized digit assets management platform launches its own token $Kmo

London, United Kingdom, 7 Sep 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, Traditional banking/investing is complicated with the rise in loss of assets, koinomo finance has come to help you the investor unleash the power of your crypto and manage your assets properly. This gave rise to the launch of their own crypto token  koinomo token $KMO, this token $KMO helps to generate high-yields with zero risk in crypto investment for investors.  Beat volatility & earn on your savings without any risk while buying crypto, and HODLing it until the price goes up. This isRead More

LUCKY UNICORN – Introduces a NFT Gaming Allowing Users To Earn Rewards Through Mini Gaming

19th September 2021 brings an opportunity for Crypto-heads as Lucky Unicorn provides a chance to raise unicorns Singapore, 7 Sep 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, Lucky Unicorn now introduces a blockchain-based NFT gaming which allows users with little to zero knowledge to dive into the World of blockchain. This game is launched on World’s number 1 cryptocurrency exchange platform, Binance, developed by a group of Blockchain software engineers,Game Studio and some senior game developers. This game is inspired by the likes of Pokemon and horse racing games. Lucky Unicorn is a trading andRead More

Lead Wallet Launches the World’s Simplest Decentralized Crypto Wallet

This is the simplest and safest multi-crypto wallet for different crypto transactions DELAWARE, 7 Sep 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, Lead Wallet is the world’s simplest and most secure multi-cryptocurrency wallet that is designed to facilitate all kinds of crypto transactions. Users can store, spend, stake, and swap cryptocurrencies seamlessly at any time, with easy access to DeFi and NFTs. The wallet application is available on both iOS and Android. A multi-crypto wallet makes it easy crypto enthusiasts to store different cryptocurrencies in one place. This makes it much less complicated for investorsRead More

Lethbridge AB Car Repair Comparative Marketplace – Auto Shop Search Tool Launch

Auto Fix Buddy, an automotive comparison company that serves locations across Alberta, Canada, including Lethbridge, offers a new car repair comparative marketplace. More information can be found by visiting The recently launched car repair marketplace allows car owners to find automotive repairs from over three million auto repair shops. The service is provided on a complimentary basis and it can help customers save on car repairs. Customers are linked with carefully selected repair shops based on the shop’s ratings and reviews, location, and available services. They can also searchRead More

The Gold Rush Summit 2.0 Reveals 5 Ways To Grow Business and Community

(September 07, 2021) – The Gold Rush Summit 2.0, A Movement That Transforms Lives, helps Entrepreneurs create purpose-driven businesses through training, traffic, and connection! It is committed to holding everyone’s hand to create greater profit for maximum social impact and bring healing to the community and into the world that needs it. It also holds the hands of entrepreneurs as they set out to have a positive effect on the world. Many entrepreneurs are feeling inspired to build the next big thing in their business complete with a positive socialRead More

Roy UT Mold Removal/Bathroom Water Damage Remediation Residential Service Launch

Bio Clean of Utah updated its mold removal services for homeowners in Roy, Centerville, Ogden, and the wider Salt Lake City area. More details can be found at The company offers expertise in locating the root cause of mold problems, helping to prevent recurrent damp issues, as well as eradicating fungal growth in often unseen areas of a home. Their service update ensures the maintenance of a safe and healthy environment for families. Mold is a type of fungus that grows freely in both outdoor and indoor environments, releasingRead More

Charleston WV Auto Repair/Tune-Ups – Referral Loyalty Membership Program Launch

Link Automotive, a full-service auto repair business in Charleston, West Virginia, has launched a new rewards system called the Link Loyalty Program. With this program, customers earn reward credits by referring new customers and with each purchase or service. For more information, please visit The latest launch rewards loyal customers by offering them savings on the company’s premium automotive services. Once clients have garnered enough credits, they can redeem them on any future purchase. Critically, the Link Loyalty Program is available to all customers at no additional cost. AfterRead More

Provo UT Carpet Cleaning – Stain/Pet Urine Removal Eco-Friendly Services Launch

With the new announcement, the company is dedicated to helping clients achieve and maintain a healthy and clean environment. More information can be found at The updated cleaning service provides owners with a highly-effective way to permanently eradicate any pet stains in their home or business. When pet accidents occur, the urine can seep deep below the carpets and ruin the floor underneath, especially if not taken care of immediately. In addition, the odor can travel through the entire property. Because simple cleaning methods can only temporarily mask theRead More

Foldable Portable Solar Panel Charger For Campers/Survivalists – Product Launch

The energy supplied by a battery pack is finite, making it an unreliable source of power when consumers are off the grid. With the launch of its 8W Portable Solar Panel Charger campers, survivalists, outdoor enthusiasts, and anyone else who plans to be away from a conventional energy system for a substantial amount of time can still have access to the electrical power they need. More information is available at Survivalists know that major disasters with the potential to overwhelm the infrastructure can occur at any time. Campers, hikers,Read More