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Tuesday, September 7th, 2021


HPool Developed And Upgraded By Alex Yang Emerged As The Top POC Mining Pool Within Four Years

Alex Yang, a Singapore-based entrepreneur, founded HPool, a POC mining pool which emerged as the top POC mining pool in just four years. Alex recently discussed how the POC mining pool is shaking up the blockchain industry at a press conference. He stated that after carefully comparing and studying the various verification methods of the consensus algorithm, he found that both the POW and POS are not working, and only POC can trigger the most primitive spirit of BTC. By making equity investment, Wanxiang blockchain labs helped Alex to createRead More

AOS received another investment from Intershore Consult after SoftBank

Recently, Intershore Consult Fund launched a special investment fund of USD 10 million, announcing the official investment in AOS project, boosting the AOS metaverse plan, and vigorously laying out the metaverse track. The funds will be used to integrate global digital asset copyrights, increase product and core technology research and development, as well as strengthen team building and operations, and unite with AOS to build a metaverse of landing intensive applications. AOS (Artificial Intelligence Operating System) is the first operating system based on blockchain underlying technology to open up theRead More

BSHIELD- the Top Expert on Token Security

Block Security Shield (BSHIELD) is developed by the core members of a global blockchain technology research alliance. Its core team has served global well-known blockchain projects and platforms such as libra, Kraken, Bitfinex, and coinbase. The BSL security protocol aims to provide secure on-chain protection for blockchain ecological applications. The BSHIELD technical team is committed to improving the overall security, privacy and availability of the blockchain ecosystem, and providing ecological users with effective data and security solutions and services. 1. The wallet initiates authorization of applications such as DeFi 2.Read More

The Next Big Thing in Fintech to watch out for- Alphatrion Tech

AlphaTrion Tech now combines blockchain technology with its financial services, helping its AlphaX trading platform gain an edge in a highly competitive market. AlphaTrion Technology is registered in Cyprus on the 20th of July, 2015 with the Cyprus Registrar of Companies. Founded in 2015, the goal is to build a team with a trusted platform from the ground up that can help everyone stabilize their crypto earnings, keeping in mind investor sentiment that can lead to losses. AlphaX, a trading platform of AlphaTrion is committed towards revolutionizing cryptocurrency trading owingRead More

How is MDX committed to optimizing transaction experience and building a prosperous ecosystem of MDE

In February this year, Mdex became the dark horse among diversified DeFi projects. Thanks to its multiple user incentives, Mdex achieved high performance in TVL and user transactions at the beginning of its launch, overtaking Uniswap and PancakeSwap, securing “double championships”. At first, MDEX’s high TVL and transaction volume were not convincing to the users who believe these impressive data performances were mainly achieved by strong user incentives. However, this is nothing but a misconception. MDEX at present stills manages to stay on the top ranking in terms of theseRead More