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Monday, September 6th, 2021


MaMo Experiment Phase 1 Public Sales Recap

The Phase 1 of Public Sale was launched on 4 September 00:00 UTC and was intended to end on 7 September 23:59 UTC. However the 2 billion MaMo was sold out within 1 Day 17 Hours 11 minutes 51 seconds. The Phase 1 Public Sale was all sold out on 5 September 17:17 UTC. We are really grateful for your support and trust in us. The Phase 2 Public Sale will be launched on 9 September 00:00 UTC. There are 4 billion of MaMo open for sale in Phase 2,Read More

Grain Yield Increase and Disaster Reduction by “Fen long” Technology Invented in China Contributing to Improve the Better Future of Human Being

Editor’s Note: In recent years, natural disasters such as drought and waterlogging occur frequently. Climate warming has triggered various disasters that affect existence, which has brought unprecedented challenges to grain production, ecological environment and world peace maintenance. “Fen long” technology, the new method of farming invented by Wei Benhui, the Chinese inventor, can help to solve these problems in the world to a certain extent and make the human future better by multiple using “5 kinds of resources”, soil and its cubic natural rainfall, oxygen, temperature, humidity and solar energy. In August 2021,Read More

Bit.Store–A Super Convenient Way to Buy Into (and Out Of) Bitcoin

Crypto currencies, especially Bitcoin, are going mainstream. It seems that its wildest oats have been sown as traditional investors begin to take significant positions. Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) are being packaged by crypto market makers to serve such traditional investors, as Morgan Stanley purchased $240 million in Grayscale’s “Bitcoin Trust” just last week, and Goldman Sachs has publicly confirmed plans to have a substantial crypto portfolio as well. Meanwhile, average consumers can expect more convenient ways to buy crypto, too, particularly considering PayPal’s recent promises. Whether PayPal will be inexpensive for averageRead More

GIBX-SPAC Is Born, Aligning With The Strategic Development Of GIBXChange And SWAP

Introduction: Adhering to the core concepts of compliance, safety, and innovation and taking the protection of user assets as the primary criterion, GIBX-SPAC makes its debut. What is GIBX-SPAC? What is the magic power that is able to propel the popularity of the entire GIBXChange Forward? The essence of SPAC is a company created or sponsored by investors ranging from private equity or hedge fund professionals to high-net-worth individuals. These investors promote the creation of the SPAC through their successful record of raising funds, aiming to raise funds through anRead More