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Monday, July 5th, 2021


Valued At $10 billion By Wall Street, President Gu Reveals New Ways of Sharing Knowledge

Hesper is a real-time knowledge sharing platform which is expected to be the next unicorn of information technology to be valued at $10 billion this year. It provides people with efficient learning solutions, helps sharers improve the efficiency of making money, and promotes the transparent, fair and efficient value circulation of knowledge sharing. As a renowned entrepreneur, President Gu is the founder of Hesper We aim to create a platform for sharing knowledge as President Gu said. We will change the current teaching mode and build a new ecosystem to serve every knowledge sharer andRead More

MetaPay-Open the Era of Meta Payment

Since the birth of mankind, we seem to have never experienced lasting peace and prosperity. We have tried our best to build one civilization after another, but because of lack of trust and coordination, it always disappeared immediately. In the evolution of the universe, humans have walked for millions of years, but even though they have faced countless difficulties together, they still cannot understand each other in the end. Just when we were about to lose confidence, the emergence of blockchain relighted our hopes. The greatness of decentralized consensus is that code is moreRead More