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Saturday, July 3rd, 2021


“Algorithm + Credit” Rebuild the Value Foundation of DeFi

DeFi still has higher attention, with rapid technological innovation and continuous expansion of application scope, The goal of DeFi is undoubtedly to build a more effective, free, and transparent financial ecology. However, finance always develops with money and brings value exchange. Therefore, whether it is a decentralized scenario or a mass application toward reality in the future, stable cryptocurrency is crucial for users, so as to realize the dream of making virtual ideas become reality. For this reason, in the field of cryptocurrency, many teams have been exploring stable currency.Read More

WFCSwap has completed its security audit and will be officially launched at 9 am on July 3, 2021 (GMT+8)

Wheat Field Coin will log on to the BSC smart chain at 10:00 on July 3, 2021(GMT+8). Wheat Field Coin automatic token transaction agreement contract code has passed professional security agencies KNOWNSEC。Security audit, KNOWNSEC has issued a security audit report on the Wheat Field Coin smart contract. Wheat Field Coin, a new automatic token transaction protocol issued on the basis of Binance Smart Chain. Wheat Field Coin proposes better solutions to the various problems existing in the current DEX mode transaction, simplifying the cumbersome process in the DeFi operation process, acceleratingRead More