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Thursday, June 10th, 2021


Dr Tom O’Bryan Certified Gluten Free Practitioner Autoimmunity Program Launched

Dr. Tom O’Bryan has launched the Certified Gluten-Free Practitioner Program, a comprehensive education program covering celiac disease, gluten sensitivities, wheat-related disorders, and autoimmunity. More information can be found at The Certified Gluten-Free Practitioner (CGP) Program provides the education necessary for health practitioners to recognize and diagnose how food sensitivities and the body’s autoimmune defenses may be underlying causes of conditions affecting patients. Dr. Tom O’Bryan, an internationally recognized speaker, best-selling author, and autoimmune expert, has been called the “modern day Sherlock Holmes for chronic diseases.” He has shared hisRead More

Remote Control Evaporative Cooler With Adjustable Wind Speed Settings Launched

Household technology retailer CeCe’s Warehouse has made available the newly launched 2021 edition BestCool Portable Air Conditioner Cooler with Fan & Evaporator Air Humidifier V2. The multifunction indoor unit is designed to meet consumer needs with advanced temperature control functions. For more information see CeCe’s Warehouse announces the updated unit in line with its ongoing commitment to providing worldwide customers with innovative products sourced from a wide range of American and international warehouses. Company representatives explained that the advanced cooler offers customizable wind speed settings, allowing users to generateRead More

New E-Commerce Software Platform Launch for Print on Demand Custom Branded Merch

Announced by “My Selling Zone” is a new automated ecommerce platform that creates custom branded merchandise that enables users to sell products. For more details, you should certainly visit This creates an opportunity for anyone to sell print-on-demand custom products utilizing an e-commerce platform. There is no need to maintain inventory. This company uses high-end designers, which enables users to generate a steady source of revenue. “My Selling Zone” offers various packages for our users including beginners, intermediate and corporate levels. The packages include done for you store setup,Read More

Angel Dog Inc. celebrates launch of new TRIO service in San Diego County area.

Angel Dog Inc. celebrates launch of new TRIO service in the San Diego County area by gifting a 3-session package for a lucky pet. Further information can be found at In a slightly different approach to launching its new TRIO service, Angel Dog Inc., Dog Training in the San Diego County location has decided it will be gifting a 3-session package for a lucky pet, and this is expected to take place June 10, 2021. Where most businesses tend to just tell the people they run into, Angel DogRead More

Small Business LinkedIn Marketing – Lead Generation Software Report Released

Superior Outreach, a website specializing in providing high-quality digital marketing resources, has released a report covering the advantages of the LinkedIn lead generation software Castanet. More details can be found at: With many small business owners not being able to devote the time and resources required for effective LinkedIn prospecting, the recently released report was written to provide invaluable advice to individuals interested in utilizing LinkedIn for lead generation. Initially created as a business networking platform, LinkedIn has grown to become one of the most important business-to-business marketing toolsRead More

Construction/SaaS Industry HubSpot CRM Implementation Expert Service Launched

Windsor, ON marketing services company AvsB Agency, has launched a HubSpot CRM implementation service alongside business solutions for clients in the construction and SaaS industries. More details are available at AvsB Agency has added HubSpot CRM pipeline and solutions integration to their lineup of business services in order to provide a centralized management system for businesses. These implementation services are for businesses looking to scale, realize repeat sales and increase profits by utilizing valuable insights gained from data about client needs, behaviors, and business requirements. CRM systems are pivotalRead More

Johnson City TN Chronic Inflammation Treatment Functional Medicine Guide Issued

Tri-Cities Functional Medicine, a functional medicine clinic located in Johnson City, Tennessee, and serving patients throughout East Tennessee and into Virginia and North Carolina, has published an online step-by-step guide to treating chronic inflammation. More details can be found at The newly released online guide will help anyone looking for a solution to treat chronic inflammation. Chronic inflammation can contribute to joint pain, muscle stiffness, digestive issues, fatigue, brain fog, frequent headaches, skin issues, persistent fever, chronic allergies, and constant chills. Inflammation occurs when cells in the body becomeRead More

Real Estate Team Wins Award: Expertise Best Realtors in Ann Arbor

The Arbor Move Team, who have been in the industry for over 40 years and can be seen on Animal Planet’s Treehouse Masters with Pete Nelson, wants you to know that they are here so if you’re ever considering changing your living space or landscaping needs. The great news is that we’ve solved all of these problems! We specialize in moving trees without damaging them – even when an entire tree has to be moved from one side of a property line (you guessed it) back across the boundary again.Read More

2021 True Stock Value Online Calculator Best Investment Tools And Guides Launch

Stock Value’s updated membership platform has launched to help investors evaluate a stock so they can make an informed decision whether to purchase it or not. More information is available at Stock Value’s updated membership platform guides members in determining the true value of a stock as opposed to its market price, which is rarely its real value. When the true value is higher than the market price, an investor can make a profit. Membership provides investors with information and methods that they can use to make informed decisionsRead More

Business Coach Jodi Weitz Helps Businesses Create a Profitable Reality

Jodi Weitz, Business Coach of Biz Coaching Success helps owners, CEOs and entrepreneurs build successful companies and stay on track to continue growing through changes and transitions. Located in Novato, California in Marin County, she has assisted local companies in-person and remotely all over the country. Weitz states that “Going alone and trying to do everything yourself isn’t an option. There’s simply too much to do, from marketing, innovation, financial planning, employee management to building customer relationships. It can definitely be overwhelming and daunting.” Most business owners value their independence,Read More