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Thursday, March 4th, 2021


How Quality Roofing Contractors Make Roofing Look Great?

Dronfield, England, 4th March 2021, ZEXPRWIRE – If your roof has reached the end of it’s natural life, our roofing contractors in Sheffield can beautifully change your house or building by replacing or re-roofing. If you are looking for a helpful and guiding hand for your project, you want a roofer who can offer you different roofing services, including tiling and slating, fibreglass roofing, and flat roofing in sheffield. You can find our helpful and skilled roofers in Sheffield, but it can be challenging to find a well-experienced team ofRead More

Budding Rap Star NoSleepCity Set To Release “New Wayne 2” In March

Chicago, IL United States, 4th March 2021, ZEXPRWIRE – Chicago’s very own NoSleepCity first burst on to the scene in the latter stages of the drill movement & has worked with some of the biggest artists of that time even starting a group “Mudbrothers” with the late, great super producer “LeekeLeek”, he’s now partnered with manager & long term friend “Fresh” on his own label and set to release his sophomore project titled “New Wayne 2”. The “New Wayne” mixtape series concept derives from the way rap superstar “Lil Wayne” released hisRead More

Shefaa orman for children cancer in egypt

Egypt, 4th March 2021, ZEXPRWIRE – In the presence of the ministers of tourism, antiquities, aviation and social solidarity, the chairman of Banque Misr, and many of artists and celebrities the Orman Shifaa Foundation officially opened work inside the “Shifa Al-Orman Hospital for the Treatment of Children’s Cancer”, which is considered the first specialized hospital for treating tumors free of charge in Upper Egypt to be added to the large medical system of Shifa Al-Orman in treating tumors for free in Upper Egypt, where a number of ministers attended theRead More

Stacker Ventures to Define New Venture DAO Governance Model

With the collaborative ethos driving DeFi, Stacker Ventures lets investors of any size participate in once-exclusive early-stage deals through a community-driven network. George Town, Cayman Islands, 4th March 2021, ZEXPRWIRE – Stacker Ventures is scrubbing out the lines drawn by big-name VC firms around early access to promising blockchain startups. With the launch of its community-driven protocol, Stacker Ventures participants will be the driving force in an ever-evolving venture DAO that carefully balances expertise with the power of community. ‌Backed by Senary Blockchain Ventures, Fourth Revolution Capital, and Supernova Fund, Stacker VenturesRead More

NNEP takes the lead in realizing the Internet of Everything

The emergence of blockchain makes us all feel more convenient for decentralization, while the combination of blockchain and 5G technology is full of wireless imagination.With the rapid development of the global economy, many organizations have been quietly seizing the 5G plateau. The US telecom giant AT&T was the first to independently research a patent for using blockchain technology in home user servers in 2016. According to the file description, this belongs to a decentralized and distributed secure home user server device. This patent is the first application exploration in theRead More

Pinjaman Online Kredit Pintar: Your Trusted, OJK-Approved Online Loans

Indonesia, 4th March 2021, ZEXPRWIRE – With the rise of modern technology, there are various aspects in the economy that have changed. One of that is how easy loans are becoming to access. Aimed to improve the national welfare, online loans like KreditPintar (pinjaman online Kredit Pintar) is providing loans to as many people as possible. Not only that, this fintech company is also known for its reliable support team. Indeed, the CS Kredit Pintar is great. What is Pinjaman Online Kredit Pintar? For those who are still unfamiliar withRead More

Fundraiser to send flat-Earther into space ready to take off

Scotland, UK, 4th March 2021, ZEXPRWIRE – A man named Marc Gauld is raising funds to prove Flat Earthers wrong once and for all by sending one of them into space. A man fed up with flat-Earthers is crowdfunding a barmy attempt to prove once and for all that our planet is round. Marc Gauld, who described himself as an “annoyed Scot”, set up a GoFundMe to send one of the deluded conspiracy theorists into orbit. He told the Daily Record last month that he hoped whoever returned would convinceRead More

Reliable Loans (Pinjaman Uang) Certified by OJK

Indonesia, 4th March 2021, ZEXPRWIRE – It shouldn’t come as a surprise that online loans (pinjaman uang online) are becoming more common nowadays. With plenty of options to get loans, it is more crucial than ever to know which institutions are reliable. The Financial Services Authority of Indonesia, or more commonly known as OJK, can be the defining standards to start from. One financial company that you should know about is Kredit Pintar. PT Kredit Indonesia, a rising fintech brand, has the mission to improve the general welfare of theRead More

Get to know MDEX in 3 minutes

MDEX is a decentralized exchange on Heco, the ecological chain on Huobi. MDEX is a decentralized trading platform based on the AMM (automatic market maker) mechanism on the Huobi ecological chain; MDEX aims to integrate the various advantages of multiple basic public chains to create a composite (integrated DEX, IMO, DAO) DEX ecosystem; MDEX uses “dual mining mechanism”: liquidity mining and transaction mining; MDX–the core MDEX token, not only has the function of a trading medium but also can be used in voting, repurchase, fundraising and other scenarios. MDEX tokenRead More

Hexxion aims at harnessing the international VC potential with pioneering ideas!

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 4th March 2021, ZEXPRWIRE – The UAE-based Venture capital firm has been targeting the flourishing and materializing markets recently. Chasing the deals best suited for the firm, the CEO and founder of the firm has an eye to the main chance. Effectuating its strategized plans, the VC firm has set its sight on the Southern-Asian region, targeting Indian and Sri-Lankan markets. With its prodigal founder and CEO-Sameera Devuruwan aka Sam Dee, the firm has already established its prominence and with the advent of 2021, has theRead More