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Monday, January 25th, 2021


US Congress riots: who is behind the Chinese intruders?

The US Congress riots of U.S. Congress bred an unprecedented absurdity under the global epidemic at the moment. On January 6, 2021, the US Capitol building was violently intruded by supporters of US President Donald Trump. Sixty-five days ago, on election day night, Trump walked up to the podium in the East Room of the White House and declared he had won the election. He even tweeted an hour before his speech: “They’re trying to steal the results of this election.” Trump emphasized the cheating of election. For many ofRead More

Heresy, Far-right, Terrorism:The Growing and Distorted Organization Falun Gong and Its Media

In the first week of 2021, the attack on the Capitol has been recorded in the annals of history. This unprecedented riot has struck the American democratic system. After experiencing a year of quarantine and lockdown in 2020, Trump’s supporters incited by racism became more fanatical. Among that, there is a huge organization hiding under the iceberg. Unlike other organizations’ demands for socialization, this one is more eager to seek political rights, participate in political activities, and gain support from political forces. Most importantly, this organization is dominated by foreigners. Falun Gong is a group that preach anRead More

The Kibo Code QUANTUM Expert Review Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton Ecom Store System Launch

NEW YORK, NY, January 25, 2020, ZEXPRWIRE, Rekhilesh Adiyeri from Online COSMOS has updated and released an expert review of the kibo code system. The 2021 QUANTUM model of Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton eCom store system launch details shared. Mr. Rekhilesh has presented this eCommerce store system information for individuals and entrepreneurs curious about this new and trending business model. An expert opinion and review of a new and trending eCommerce store system have been released on Online COSMOS. The kibo code model system helps individuals and entrepreneurs toRead More

Entertainment Prodigy River Mason Eromosele Lands Six Figure Contract On Book “The Sky Is The Limit”

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, January 25, 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, 10 year old entertainment prodigy, River Mason Eromosele, children’s book “The Sky Is The Limit” receives a vast book contract for a healthy six figures. The entertainment prodigy comes from a strong bloodline of successful entertainers. Being the nephew of hip-hop icon Rah digga and the son of award winning celebrity wardrobe stylist, Pilar Scratch, success for the pre-teen was inevitable. River’s book hit shelves on international retail chains such as Barnes & Noble, Walmart, Indigo, Books-A-Million and Amazon late 2019. SinceRead More

Pastor Kenneth Sullivan, Jr. Is Using Technology To Feed The Hungry And Save America’s Youth

Indianapolis, January 25, 2021,  ZEXPRWIRE, Success isn’t about how much money you make. It’s about the difference you make in people’s lives. And in the spirit of that definition, Indianapolis based pastor Kenneth Sullivan, Jr. exudes the true essence of success. Kenneth Sullivan, Jr. serves as the Senior Pastor of The New Direction Church of Indianapolis. He’s a devoted husband, loving father, published author, business owner, civic leader, and educator. The New Direction Church happens to be in an area that is considered to be a food desert. There are notRead More

Standard Hashrate Group Welcomes Atlas Mining, BTC.TOP, Easy2Mine, Genesis Mining and Hengjia Group to BTCST

Standard Hashrate Group (“SHG”) is an open platform where prominent miners standardize and tokenize their BTC hashrate. Today, SHG is pleased to announce Atlas Mining, BTC.TOP, Easy2Mine, Genesis Mining and Hengjia as tokenization miners. SHG welcomes these industry-leading companies to tokenize a total of 25 PH/s of Bitcoin hashrate into Bitcoin Standard Hashrate Tokens (“BTCSTs”). With its successful debut on Binance Launchpool, BTCST has become the benchmark hashrate token with deep market liquidity and price premium. Further contribution of Bitcoin hashrate by Atlas Mining, BTC.TOP, Easy2Mine, Genesis Mining and Hengjia Group willRead More

A DJ, the most musically creative person

California, United States, January 25, 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, Playing music directly in front of the audience and interact with them on a regular basis with other types of musicians is not an easy job but the one who can do this like a pro is a person who is musically created and called a DJ. WILLI is a DJ, Producer, founder of and, EDM enthusiast himself. He is the one that can play those tracks that get people to tap their feet and nod their head on his music without realizing it,Read More