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Thursday, January 21st, 2021


GST Payment Public-chain: “Specific Medicine” for Economic Crisis under the Epidemic

The history of mankind is a history of fighting against the epidemic and a history of scientific and technological development. The COVID-19 epidemic had swept the globe in 2020, causing global economic hardship and countless people fought against the epidemic. However, the Blockchain technology greatly played the role of on-chain efficiency (namely its characteristics, such as openness and transparency, promptness and efficiency, and convenient interaction) during the epidemic. The innovation based on Blockchain and digital asset is still comprehensively carried out, and plays a very important role especially in suchRead More

China Post Issues Digital Commemorative Coins for the Year of the Ox

All Chinese, no matter where they are, will celebrate their traditional zodiac years of birth. For example, 2020 was the Year of Rat, and this year is the Year of Ox. In order to celebrate the Year of the Ox, China Post, the most authoritative issuing agency of stamp collection in China, issued digital coins for the year of the ox, the world’s first digital zodiac commemorative coin applying blockchain technology. All the zodiac commemorative coins were produced with anti-counterfeiting codes, and blockchain technology will be used to record allRead More